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Low Carb Breads

...And How to Make Them

Keto Chocolate Donuts. Yes, you read that right.

The ketogenic diet is huge right now. The health benefits are hard to overlook and the results are impressive. But proponents of the diet still find themselves missing certain aspects of a traditional diet, like sandwiches and pizza. 

Because I believe that no human should deprive themselves of the things they love, I have listed here some recipes for low carb loaves of bread that can be enjoyed, guilt-free, without taking you out of ketosis. The recipe that tastes most like that which it emulates is the fat-head pizza crust. It's amazing. The rest of them do not taste exactly like the starchy, high-carb wheat products you know and love. But if you're looking to improve your health and shed some pounds the low-carb way, they work wonders when you need to satisfy a bread craving! (Not that we really crave anything anymore, after so long on the Keto diet!)

I hate when people ramble on and don't get to the point, so let's get to it.

Fat-Head Pizza Crust


This is that amazing pizza crust I mentioned above. The link will bring you to Wholesum Yum, where I've actually gotten a lot of really great recipes. You can't taste the coconut flour's flavor in this crust unless you are eating it by itself, and it's not overpowering. I find it quite pleasant.

If you want a truly carb-free pizza, you can also just put your cheese down in a hot pan and slap some toppings on it, cook it until the edges of the cheese are browned, and there you have what feels in your mouth like a super thin crust pizza, but with no crust and zero carbs! Here's the recipe, if you're interested.

Keto Bread


If you find yourself missing sandwiches or french toast, fret no more. This recipe from Keto Connect is the absolute best I've found! I've tried cloud bread, and that's amazing, but it just tastes like a fluffy, baked egg.

Pay close attention to the recipe, because those ingredients are going to be some of the staples you'll see in recipe after recipe if you continue in the Ketogenic way of life. I found the instructions easy to follow, and though the recipe may seem like it would be complicated to make, it's essentially only two steps.

Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes


These low carb coconut flour pancakes from All Day I Dream About Food (clever name) will do in a pinch. They don't taste anything the like carb-a-licious pancakes that you're familiar with. They're fluffy but heavy, rather than light and airy like a traditional pancake like mom used to make, or one made from Bisquick. They somewhat resemble cornbread in both color and texture. And you can't use the sticky, sweet syrup you would use on a normal pancake if you are on the ketogenic diet. Or powdered sugar for that matter. Sorry. I'd just skip trying to recreate the pancake experience for the low-carb diet. It's a little painful!

But if you're making pancakes for your family and you're in the mood for something with the vague feel of a flapjack, this recipe will do. Be prepared to watch pancakes rise on a griddle for however long it takes to cook for your family, and then spend twenty minutes or so mixing something you know won't taste half as great. Just keep in mind, if you do make these pancakes, this recipe is extremely filling. I ate half of a medium-sized pancake and I was satiated for hours.

Keto Chocolate Donuts


After a few months in ketosis, I don't crave donuts at all or get the mouth-watery feel when I think of them. Now, when I think of biting into a donut, I remember that they just tasted like shame and obesity. So I won't say that these donuts are as good as a donut you'd get at your local donut shop. They're actually better.

You can bite into these decadent babies and not feel depression and sadness sliding down your throat.

I do hope you make them and enjoy them as much as I did. They're something new, I'll give you that. Don't expect the normal donut when you bite into it, but know that you're sticking to your diet and still being able to indulge in something that is very tasty.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the sites that I've linked for you in the names of the recipes. They all provide nutrition information, including the number of grams of carbs per serving. And each of them have greatly helpful information that was fodder for my early days in ketosis. 

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Low Carb Breads
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