Ridgewood Queens

From the ends of the Bushwick area to Ridgewood Queens, Industry1332 is a small hipster brunch place that is unique for its karaoke, happy hour, and their brunch dishes. Their tavern theme blends in with the modern artwork outside as well as inside the building. Along with the wonderful food, Industry1332 has a lot to offer considering it is one of the only restaurants in the area.



With a nice cold glass of mimosa on the left and a drink menu on the right, 1332 showcases their best and popular drinks to introduce the customers to what they are in for. This menu is not the only menu for drinks, though they have a bigger selection which makes them a place to go for drinks for sure. Their mimosa is very classic and is made without pulp so the customer does not have to worry about the pulp, and it also makes for a great image.

The Brunch

Chicken & Waffles - Spinach Omelette W/ Yuca Fries

The chicken and waffles is a staple of brunch dishes. Served with maple syrup and honey mustard, the waffles are made to expectations. The chicken is crispy and crunchy while made into strips for dipping access to the honey mustard and maple syrup. The spinach omelet has spinach, tomato, and herbs served with yuca fries and pickled red onions on the side with a tangy chipotle sauce. 

The Meal

Spinach Omelette with Yuca Fries

The spinach omelet is made with baby spinach and a sprinkle of chipotle powder for an extra kick. The yuca fries are nice and crunchy and lightly salted. The chipotle sauce is tangy and savory which is not good if you want to drink it straight up but maybe as a shot if someone dared you to. The sauce does pair well with the salted yuca fries because the tangy savoriness mellows out the salt while the salt soaks in the chipotle sauce to have a nice balance of flavor in the dish. The red onions are pickled to add that sour element to the dish. Though the color from the red onions is appealing, I think it was unnecessary to add it with the tangy chipotle sauce.


On most Tuesday nights they host a karaoke night for locals and tourists alike to sing their hearts out. They have a separate menu which consists of sliders and general finger food so it's easier to pick up a mic and sing to your favorite classics when it's time to bust a tune. The karaoke area is located towards the end of the restaurant. With an open stage and good seating, you can be sure to have an audience for your music debut.

The Area

Overall the experience wasn’t the best, but the food was great. The service was a tad slow but the music and atmosphere were nice and pleasant. There's art all around the restaurant to explore and identify. It is not that difficult to find considering it's one of the only restaurants in the area that has brunch and an artsy aesthetic on the outside of the establishment. If you’re around the area on a Sunday for some brunch, then Industry1332 is the place to go since there isn’t another restaurant that does brunch at the moment. If you are interested in what else Industry1332 has to offer, feel free to check them out.

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