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In-N-Out Gone Dirty

It was like any average Tuesday night...

It was like any average Tuesday night. I got my usual order from In N Out- a double-single, grilled onions, no tomatoes, lettuce wrap, and decided to treat myself to a milkshake. Usually I wouldn’t go for the milkshake, because in Orange County, the high standards of looking like Victoria Secret models combined with anorexia everywhere alarms a sixteen year old girl, especially one who is already on the verge of obesity. However, I had done something strenuous that day, and I deserved it!

I got my order after experiencing the delicious smells of melted cheese and patties fried to just the right crisp, along with a mouth full of salivation. I ate my exceptional cuisine, drove home, and lied in bed. While in bed, my stomach felt the expected wrath of pain. Being lactose intolerant but still eating dairy is a questionable decision, but living without dairy is even more questionable. My stomach was in the current process of being shred to pieces. My colon playing an ugly game of tug of war with itself. I thought to myself, “What am I supposed to do? Sacrifice my favorite meal because my stomach doesn’t want to play nice? Hah, I don’t back down that easy.”

I knew the milkshake would push me to the edge, but I didn’t know it would be to this extreme. I soon started sweating, panting even. My stomach was making unusual noises, ones I’ve never heard. Who have I become? Was the milkshake worth the pain? During the time I was drinking it, the answer would be yes, a yes with a definite certainty. Now, being in agonizing pain- no, certainly no.

Somehow I managed to force myself to go to sleep that night, which was no easy task. I woke up the next morning feeling great, as if nothing had happened the night before. It was a new day! I was ready to accomplish anything life had to throw at me! Bring it on world! It was a school day so I started with my makeup. While doing my makeup I was a bit gassy. I mean, it was expected. The usual morning gas from In N Out, not something I love, but something I have come to accept. I continued with my makeup and then it happened. The moment no one can prepare you for, my face in total disbelief, “Did this just happen? There's no way.” I got up from my chair, feeling the uncomfortable extra weight in my underwear. Now my jaw has dropped. I ran straight for the bathroom in panic, and jumped in the shower. While in the shower my brain was flooded with unknowns. Why? Is this really happening? I am disgusted with myself.

After the shower I had an out of body experience. I didn’t know who I was, all I knew was I would never be the same. I drove to school, and just sat in my car for a good ten minutes. How could I act completely fine when I had done something so wrong?

They say you should never regret anything in life, but all I was doing for those ten minutes was watching a replay of me drink that delicious, but oh so dangerous milkshake. That day at school, in fact that whole year, I never forgot the milkshake, never forgot the pain.

One thing was for certain after that day. In N out may meet insatiable needs, and have the best damn burgers I will ever eat, however their milkshakes, they weren’t made for a lactose intolerant person. The stomach cramps and gas are manageable, but this? This was not something I could accept.

In life, there will always be temptations. For food addicts, like myself, a simple milkshake may push me to the edge. Even for nicotine addicts, the slightest smell of a cigarette could tempt them to buy a pack. Whatever temptation it may be, we should all be aware of the consequences before acting straight on impulses.

I have learned to become more aware of my limitations. Due to my stinky and disgusting mistake, I now think, instead of doing. I am proud that I haven’t indulged in a milkshake since, and trust me, I have been more than tempted.

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In-N-Out Gone Dirty
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