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How to Make Restaurant Quality Crepes at Home

Sweet or savory, Truvia works.

In order to make restaurant quality crepes at home, I use lactose free milk, three eggs, and flour. I beat the eggs into the one-cup all-purpose flour. Then I manage to use the frying pan to slide the crepe around until it is totally cooked on the bottom. I fry bacon to stuff my crepe with, specifically bacon and cheese. You can also use ham and cheese or Nutella, which I don’t have in the house, that can also be used as a filling. Crepes are a simple meal you can make at any time.

If the recipe demands a teaspoon or more of sugar, I use Truvia. Truvia is a natural sweetener as sweet as sugar but yet without real sugar cramping your style. Two cups milk is required to make the flour coagulate into a batter. The batter then fries in the flat frying pan, which is the best sort of frying pan to use on something like a crepe. Truvia is great to work with in the kitchen because it adds sweetness without calories. Sugar is just a punch of calories right in the gut where you least want it to be.

Lactose free milk serves a purpose for us lactose intolerants. It means we can enjoy our lactose free cooking without having side effects of lactose. Crepes require salt as a type of binder that adds to flavor. Crepes come in two varieties, sweet and savory. Some people need to use a blender, but a crepe can be made without a blender, which is my method of making crepes. I don’t even put the batter in the refrigerator. Cooking spray can work wonders for lowering your calorie intake as cooking spray is something that can help you cook something without necessarily making yourself fatter.

While making the crepe, you have to swirl the pan around just to get it to fold properly. It takes awhile to learn enough crepe making so that you improve the style. I do put my crepes in a container to leave in the fridge. Crepes are really easy once you get the hang of it. My family recipe is on how to make the thin kind, but I have learned how to make the thick kind for myself. Other people seem to put the batter in the fridge for half an hour to an hour, which is not something I do.

I do not put my crepes on a cutting board but rather a plate. I put my crepes on a plate, in between foil, cut to the shape of the plate. I don’t even seal them in reusable plastic bags, but that’s an idea. Regular milk can also be used to make crepes but you see, it is better to use lactose free milk if you need to. It is perfectly possible to make crepes out of lactose free milk. The batter must cover the entire pan as it gets bubbly, kind of like a pancake.

Some advise to let batter air out at room temperature, rather than putting it in the refrigerator. The crepe must be cooked until it is at least golden brown. Suggested fillings for crepes can not only include Nutella, but fruit jam, fruit like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries in general. Cranberry sauce, or sugar and maple syrup, and powdered sugar can also serve as toppings. Some restaurants use melted butter and powdered sugar. Truvia can be used to substitute powdered sugar much to your delighted taste buds. No sugar need be used in recipes anymore living in the Truvia age. 

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How to Make Restaurant Quality Crepes at Home
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