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Recently I was gifted a weeks worth of HelloFresh meals by a friend who I still keep in touch with from high school. I was very excited because I’ve been wanting to try a meal delivery service for awhile now but I just haven’t been able to afford it. 

When I clicked my link for the free box I was taken to a page where I could sign up and pick what kind of plan I wanted to receive. There are three types of plans: the classic plan, the veggie plan, and the family plan. I opted for the family plan as I have 4 people, total, in my house to feed. 

Before I describe my experience I’ll explain a little bit about what each plan offers. 

The classic plan will feed two or four adults, you choose how many you need to feed. You can also choose how many meals you get delivered in your box, three, four, or five. Each meal in this box costs around $10 total.

The veggie plan is geared towards vegetarian eaters and you get a choice with this plan also if feeding two or four adults. This plan gives you three meals every week and each meal costs about $10 total as well.

The family plan, which is the one I chose, feeds two adults and two children. This one gives you a choice of two or three meals a week and each meal costs a little less than $9 total.

When choosing my meal plan I didn’t realize that the family plan fed two adults and two children, I must have skipped over or missed that part completely but I was genuinely happy when I was able to feed three adults and a two year old with the meals I got.

After choosing a meal plan you get to choose your meals from five or six different options. My two choices were Super Soy Chicken Tenders with jasmine rice and green beans and Tomato-y Tortelloni Soup with spinach and sausage.

Each meal comes with its own recipe card which includes the ingredient list, measurements, and instructions as well as nutritional information and what wine would best pair with the meal if you wanted any. 

Tomato-Tortelloni Soup Recipe Card.

Each meal I received took on average a half an hour to prepare. I loved this because I don’t always have the time or energy to make a home cooked meal that may take hours to make.

The Meals I Received

Left: Soy Chicken, Right: Tortelloni Soup

Now I know everyone always wonders and worries about serving sizes and if it will be enough to actually feed everyone. The answer is, yes!

Although there were no left over chicken tenders or beans with my first meal there was plenty of rice left over for the following day if I wanted to make something with it. Each member of my family was able to eat a good helping of rice and green beans and two chicken tenders.

As for the soup, I personally ate two full bowls of it and there were plenty of left overs. My uncle compared this Tortelloni Soup to an Italian Wedding soup flavor and he also said it was very good. 

Both of these meals were fantastic. They were full of flavor and I made sure to keep the recipe cards so I could make these again on my own. 

Is it affordable? Well that all depends on how much your family makes as well as how much you normally spend on groceries. Personally I think it’s affordable for me. To renew my family plan it would be about $65 a week but the price depends on how many people you feed as well as how many meals you receive each week. HelloFresh also gives you the option to skip any week or weeks you want so if you are on vacation or can’t afford this weeks box for any reason, you can just click “skip this week” and resume shipments whenever it’s convenient for you. 

This a fantastic option for families on the go who need a quick meal but also want something healthy. This could also be great for couples as it can be something you do together as an at home date night.

Over all I loved HelloFresh and I would definitely order it again. Below is a link to the app on iTunes as well as a link for $40 off your first box!

Download the App on iTunes Here

Get $40 off your first box with this link.

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