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Heaven in a Tortilla

Why You Should Eat at Lupe's East LA Kitchen

New York City is home to many places to eat. Among some of the most well-known (Gray’s Papaya and Katz’s Deli) is a restaurant that shines a light on the East LA Mexican food and culture. Lupe’s is located on the corner of Sixth Avenue at Watts Street in SoHo, New York. While you wait for your table, you can get a beautiful view of the Freedom Tower (Instagram worthy!). The restaurant may seem small in size, but their flavors are totally huge.

To start out, get their guacamole and salsa (served with a bowl of chips that could be eaten on their own they’re that good). Guacamole is one of the main dishes that can make or break your impression of a restaurant. It gives a preview of what’s to come when you receive your main meal, if it doesn’t exceed expectations, you may seem discouraged for the quality of the rest of your meal. It may seem a bit strong of a standard to live by, but once you taste the fresh lime, cilantro, red onion, and smooth avocado blending with the saltiness of the in house made tortilla chips, you’ll know what I mean.

Another element to add to their guacamole, is the Buffalo sauce provided at the restaurant. The chipotle Mexican hot sauce adds tang and spice to whatever you put it on! After you try it, you’ll want to put it on anything. My boyfriend (who is a SoHo native) introduced me to not only the restaurant but this sauce too. He was upset to find out that we couldn’t purchase the delicious topping back home, until one late night he found out that he could purchase it BY THE CASE on Amazon (thank you two-day shipping).

Enjoy a lime Jarritos soda with your meal, and by meal, I mean the as-huge-as-your-face burrito. Their beef burrito Colorado, one of the staples of the restaurant consists of a large flour tortilla filled with shredded beef, black beans and cheese, served with Mexican rice and refried beans. Perfect first choice for your first visit (but believe me you’ll be back for more). The beef is slow cooked, melting in your mouth and falling apart when you cut into your burrito. The tortilla is big in size, but not in thickness, giving a perfect vessel to carry all of that goodness on the inside. If you’re interested in trying a traditional alcoholic beverage, try the Fresh Lime Margarita (frozen or not); for a great pairing with your meal.

Want some desert? Get their flan! The traditional custard desert is served as two flavor options, coconut or vanilla, small in portion but the perfect sweet ending to your evening. The consistency is light and airy, with a sweet aftertaste. You’ll feel full, but not uncomfortably full.

The atmosphere at Lupe’s makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. You’re greeted by the staff with smiling faces, happy to seat you. You instantly feel welcomed, treated like a long-lost friend or close family member. The décor of the restaurant makes you feel transported to East Los Angeles, California: bright colored string lights, vintage advertisements, and a colorfully lit bar invites you for a fun time. You’ll be wanting to make a visit to Lupe’s a tradition every time you visit Manhattan. If you’re already living in the city and live a busy life to not find time to physically go to the restaurant, Lupe’s delivers! Yep! You can call in your order and they can hand deliver your lunch/dinner right to your home or work!

Burrito greatness— FOR ALL. 

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Heaven in a Tortilla
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