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Harsh Truth


Vegan, a person with the ideology that animals shouldn’t suffer.

As children we’re taught that murder is wrong but only if a human is murdered. We’re taught that serial killers are bad yet we call hunting a "sport." We’re taught that Auschwitz was the definition of inhumane treatment yet you think factory farms, fur farms and slaughter houses are humane. We’re taught that jails and prisons are punishments for evil doers yet zoos are an entertainment for animals. Isn’t it time to start thinking for yourself? 

In today’s society the murder of a new-born baby is a monstrous act in which the killer gets sent to jail for years. But when a cow or a chicken gets slaughtered for unnecessary meat then it’s completely normal. Even though there’s clear studies proving animals are in fact intelligent and feel pain. Why would you think someone’s stupid just because you can’t understand them? 

When you think of a chicken you probably imagine fried chicken from KFC or an egg laying machine. But in reality chickens are more intelligent than your four year old baby. “Although their intelligence is overshadowed by other avian groups, chickens know their place in the pecking order, and can reason by deduction—an ability that humans develop by the age of seven.”–Lori Marino, a certified animal psychologist. Therefore why do humans think it’s morally wrong to murder a new born baby but it’s completely fine to cram chickens in to cages and slaughter them for food which can be easily substituted?

Chickens are put on so much steroids they cannot stand on their own feet anymore. Cows are forcefully impregnated so they can give birth and produce milk again only to have their baby taken away from them moments after birth, until she’s so "used" and won’t give birth anymore she’s killed for your dinner. Cows, just like your pet dog or cat have many personalities, some are timid, some are devious, some are bold, whilst some are very friendly.

Your current diet is destroying the planet. Factory farming is the biggest contributor to global warming, producing the most greenhouse gas emissions. Since animals have to be fed, slaughtered, transported and stored. Around one third of the planets land is used for growing crops solely for the purpose of feeding livestock. One third of the planet's water is also used just for livestock. In return not enough meat is produced once the animal is slaughtered. 

Also factory farming isn’t cheap, it’s one of the most expensive methods of attaining food. “For every 100 food calories of edible crops fed to livestock, we get back just 30 calories in the form of meat and dairy. That’s a 70-percent loss.” – Eco watch. Our planet is dying from pollution. People are dying from starvation. All because people like you choose to eat animals. You need to open your eyes and start doing what's right.

Not to mention the human body isn’t made to eat and process meat. We are unnaturally trying to develop our bodies to adapt to meat even though it's not necessary anymore. Our ancestors ate meat as a means to survive. They lived in caves and chased for their dinner, not sat around in a warm house waiting for some fried chicken delivery. As some studies show humans aren't biologically made to eat meat. The human intestinal tract is up over three times longer than a meat eating animal's. Meaning that meat you just ate will be rotting inside you for hours if not days. Many studies, such as one from Harvard School of Public Health show that meat eating is heavily connected to chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Do yourself a favour and live your life to the fullest and not spend the remainder of it in a hospital bed.

While some studies indicate that some types of animal milk and eggs are. in fact, healthy. That is true to an extent. Animal products, as the name suggests are products that come from an animal. Essentially an egg is a chicken's waste, or a period, whatever you wish to call it. A healthy chicken will on average lay an egg a day. Therefore these products will only be healthy if the animals themselves have a healthy life with adequate nutrition. We shouldn't be taking what isn't ours in the first place.

Just because a factory farm labels their products as "free range" it doesn’t mean the chickens are living happily. By definition free range is when chickens have access to the outside world, not specifying how much time or the living conditions they have inside. "Free range" farms may let their chickens out for about an hour and once and hour has passed they cram the chickens back in their tiny cages, with no room for movement whatsoever. 

Even if the eggs are certified as "Organic" and the chickens do indeed lead happy lives, what about male chicks? Immediately upon the hatching of chicks, they're checked for their gender. Females are safe, they lay eggs, it's all good company makes a profit. Males, on the other hand, are either thrown alive into bags, thrown about and forgot about or grounded about alive. 

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian" – Paul McCartney. Animals in factory farms don’t only lead unhappy lives, but in most cases they're tortured ruthlessly by their butchers. A sheep which is getting sheared will be kicked about and punched just so they don’t move, or even for the pleasure of the butcher. All so you can buy that new jumper.

You are what you eat, so don’t be cheap, easy and fake. That’s almost what all animal products are. Meats are stained with chemicals to make them look unnaturaly red, giving it a fresher look and persuading you that it's good for you. By going vegan you’re not only doing a favour for the animals, but for yourself, the planet and those who are starving. 

*Note - Old essay for a portfolio, I'll have better things coming soon🙏

IG : @zuzianique