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Frozen Food Recipes

Here are a few delicious dishes to cook with at least one frozen ingredient

There is no need and sense to hide the fact that most people are getting used to frozen food. Sometimes a person is short of time to cook sufficient supper and he tends to gulp down everything on hand. And if he lacks money or strictly stick to his budget he can’t afford having a meal in a café or restaurant, getting down to frozen food. The whole idea is not that bad. Health promoting effect of fruit and veggies is proved to ensure every cell operate properly. It is believed that an adult needs to eat up to five helpings of veggies and four of fruit to prevent cancer, improve heart health and so on. Fresh veggies and fruit are a seasonal produce and not always available or affordable. Here comes frozen food, which is a great substitute for high calorie fast food takeouts. What’s the best dish for a hot summer day to chill you? Or what do you crave for to warm up during frosty winter evenings? The ideal solution for any taste, pocket and weather is frozen food. The varieties are great in number: veggies, fruits, meat, chicken or turkey, berries, fish and all of them perform in all possible forms: already diced, slices, cut, peeled and so on, saving you a great deal of time. Ready-packed frozen products are extremely easy to cook as they are always provided with instruction label; if you fail to find any, settle for using your microwave. You also will not need to count the calories, they are printed on the package, so it’s quite comfortable if you keep any product consumption under control. Almost all the vitamins and useful properties are preserved: only 20% of vitamin C is lost when freezing, while fruit drying causes a 70% loss. The shelf life is quite long which is also a great advantage and reaches one year for meat and fish, and four months for greens, for example. Here are a few delicious dishes to cook with at least one frozen ingredient.

Instant Pot Frozen Chicken

Instant Pot Frozen Chicken

If you are hooked on chicken dishes, but always short of time, look no further than your freezer for cooking inspiration. There is no need to thaw it out or waste time and effort away to cut. Once the chicken breasts are cooked in a breezy time they are ready to be used in any of your favorite recipes. Different salads and dishes with chicken cooked in an instant pot wrapped in all kinds of tortilla and flatbread are my all-time favorites and usual snacks for all the family, especially for children at school or on their way to sports clubs. The leftovers are not much of a problem as I don’t hesitate to freeze them for the next busy period. Chicken breasts are an indispensable part of any slimming diet as they are low in calories, filling and nutritious and there is no oil involved. They come out succulent and delicious with no moisture dried up. Just add water, juice or chicken stock, seasonings, fresh or dried herbs, salt and pepper and just under 25 minutes you are guaranteed to have perfectly cooked, flavorful chicken breasts. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Summer Corn Salad

If you are inclined to be a veggie lover or you go vegetarian or just suffer from the heat of long-awaited summer, try a wonderful corn salad, that is an easy skill to master and no time to prepare. It is only a 15 minutes activity to cook this colorful, healthy, light dish that will satisfy all your cravings for a veggie salad. Besides, you can do with only your fridge essentials, which are almost always available in any household. So, this refreshing salad ingredient list contains only six items: basil, cucumber, feta, tomatoes, zesty lime juice dressing and frozen corn. If you happen to enjoy your private kitchen-garden in front of your house or somewhere in the country, you are lucky to use organic, absolutely pollution free products, grown with all your love, care and diligence.

Thai Peanut Chicken, Edamame, And Quinoa Stir Fry

Chinese, Japanese, Thai and in general Asian cuisine are of the rage now and probably the most frequent takeout to order. If it is all about you and you are least likely to resist the temptation of saving time, ordering online this Thai peanut chicken, edamame, and quinoa stir fry recipe will not leave anyone indifferent. Forty minutes needed to get the salad done will fly fast, if you cook instead of just sitting, playing your anxiety down, while waiting for delivery. Do the best of the situation, killing two birds with one stone: you are busy with cooking, instead of waiting, this meal will not touch you in the pocket or even will cut costs and will perform at its best as all the ingredients are your regulars and you feel safe and secure about their freshness and quality. A short list of ingredients (lean chicken breast, quinoa, broccoli, red pepper and frozen edamame will ensure mouth-watering low fat healthy dish that will please the pickiest eater.

Wild Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie

If you are hooked on healthy lifestyle and keep track of your meals and workouts this wild blueberry pomegranate smoothie is a must have for you. No coach in a gym or cosmetician in a beauty shop will doubt the positive effect of such smoothies on figure, face, hair and nails. Get used to drinking it at least once a day on a regular basis then enjoy transformation and feel ease in all the body. This smoothie is sure to lure you away from store-bought packed juice and will be a huge hit with your children and grandparents. Just put some frozen berries into a blender, add some pomegranate juice, Greek yogurt, water, and a banana and get a marvelous breakfast, convenient snack to gulp on your way somewhere or use it as a post-workout smoothie as recommended by lots of coaches. If you need to fight your hunger down, toss some rolled oats or cauliflower in the mixture.

Guacamole With Frozen Peas

Have you ever heard of plant-based proteins? Have you tried to cut animal protein back and enjoy a positive impact on your health? No? Guacamole with frozen peas is a perfect salad to set new healthy eating habits. It calls for standard products such as avocado, lime juice, tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, garlic and cilantro. Seems boring? Then add peas that will definitely jazz up your salad, bringing a lot of health benefits. Peas ensure 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin C and have a high degree of absorption—almost 98 per cent. Along with great number of vitamins, peas are devoid of all the drawbacks legumes are known to have.

Peach Yogurt Muffins

If you stick to a strict diet or the opposite and have a sweet tooth, don’t hesitate to try peach yogurt muffins the key element of which is a real inexhaustible source of vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, E, K that promote your health warding off obesity, high cholesterol, inflammation, diabetes and even breast cancer. The trick is swapping in coconut oil for butter and sour cream for Greek yogurt. A good idea is to substitute white all-purpose flour with whole wheat or another whole-grain variety. Frozen peaches play the need for excessive sugar down and you will enjoy healthy melting in the mouth muffins guilt-free.

Garlic Shrimp Skillet

Sport people are extremely easy to spot right off: they stand out with their appearance, daily schedule, regular workout in the gym, and of course healthy eating habits. I’ve never seen a health freak who has not got a clue about how healthy and delicious protein-packed food is. The usual source is considered to be chicken breast cooked with a particular method: boiling, stewing, baking, and grilling. But when people start feeling fed up with this affordable meat they get down to eating seafood: fish, shrimps, oysters and so on. Although shrimps are not so easy to stick to your budget, you will benefit more. This delicious shrimp stir-fry goes from pan to plate in just 20 minutes. If you serve it over a helping of any grain you will amp up health benefit as both grain and seafood are packed with a great deal of vitamins. Moreover, you can’t beat the convenience of a bag of frozen peeled and deveined shrimp. They’re a staple in our kitchen because I can keep them on hand and pull them out at the last minute—even if I haven’t remembered to thaw them in advance. By the way, you can save a trip to a shop and time for cutting as all the rest ingredients (mushrooms and garlic) are also packed already sliced and frozen! No messy tidy up!

Tart Cherry Ginger Muesli

There’s nothing sweeter than waking up to a comforting bowl of this cherry ginger muesli. If you a cherry lover, you can benefit from this recipe as it calls for half a cup of frozen Montmorency cherries for the warm sauce and an additional half cup of dried cherries in the muesli. Health promoting fiber-rich oats and digestion-aiding ginger will turn your morning into a real wonder, inspiring and encouraging to fit the rest of the day into the pattern of healthy and active lifestyle. The list of ingredient to add is so rich that you can afford not to give it a try and make it your regular breakfast. Loaded with oats, almonds, cacao nibs, ginger, dried tart cherries and warm spices this dish will suit any diet and please the pickiest eater. And a healthy value of ginger goes without saying.

Taco Cauliflower Rice Skillet

I often feel like cooking and eating Mexican food, but can’t avoid feeling guilty. It doesn’t seem quite healthy, but it can be kept slightly less harmful and fatty when cooking at home, where you are the master and free to get flavors without unwelcome ingredients. This taco cauliflower rice skillet recipe is quick, low carb, and absolutely delicious! The recipe calls for turkey or chicken, diced onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, two packets of your favorite taco seasoning. As soon as your meat is ready with veggies in a sauté pan, stir in a can of diced tomatoes, diced green chilies, a bag of frozen cauliflower “rice”, and some chicken broth. No matter what kind of rice you are fond of: store-bought or home-made. Cauliflower rice is a perfect substitute for “regular” rice as it helps cut calories and add more veggies to your regular menu.

Sugar Snap Pea And Fennel Salad

If you tend to eat a lot of greens or you feel you lack veggies in your daily menu, try to cook sugar snap pea and fennel salad. Use your kitchen-garden if any to table approach and benefit from self-grown products with their freshness and ripeness. Frozen peas, shallots, walnuts and fennel make this veggie-filled salad filling and delicious. The apple cider vinegar dressing is known to help fight your hunger down, lower bad cholesterol, improve fertility and help prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Digestion-aiding fennel was the only way out when facing the problem with my baby’s belly or stomach! Absolute essential in my medicine kit! Of course I’m not going to miss a great chance to include this miraculous plant in salads! Snap peas, or sugar snap peas, are basically a cross between garden peas and snow peas. The whole pod is edible and they have a crunchy flavor and sweet taste. If you run out of anything for side dish, use leftovers from your salad to go well with any dish. Or enjoy raw snap peas as a snack.

Shrimp Fried Quinoa

What on earth could be healthier and quicker to cook than rice, you might think! It may come as a surprise to you, but white rice is actually not as beneficial as it may seem. The truth is, white rice has been stripped of almost all its nutritional value. But have you ever considered quinoa as an alternative to rice? If you are a healthy eater, here is a stunning news for you: quinoa packs a complete protein profile, it can be cooked quickly and easily, it can be a part of a large number of recipes, it is gluten-free, and it has an exquisite taste! Here is a one-pan quinoa recipe with frozen peas, bell peppers, carrots and a whole lot of other veggies.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are high in nutrients, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and have been linked to several health benefits, including cancer prevention. In addition, Brussels sprouts boast a high volume of water content, which will make you super full and happy without actually consuming many calories. It will only take you 20 minutes to cook these magic green veggies. You will only need garlic, red pepper, salt and lime juice. And, since we are preparing a really healthy dish, we are going to use coconut oil, which, as you know, is a good solution for pan-cooked food, sautéed or fried, thanks to its relatively high smoke point.

Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream

What’s the best dessert for a hot summer day? Admit it – nothing in the whole world compares to the inviting chill of a refreshing ice cream! This slightly sourish blackberry lemon ice cream will be the ideal solution for anyone’s taste. And it’s also time-saving: you don’t have to stick this ice cream in the freezer because you are going to use frozen bananas which you only need to blend with blackberries, coconut, milk and lemon zest. Check out this home-made ice cream recipe and you’ll see that it’s easier than grabbing an ice cream at an ice cream shop!

Soba And Carrot Noodles With Watermelon, Radish And Edamame

I’m sure most of you healthy dieters adore Asian food, but sometimes rice along can become a bit boring. That’s where soba noodles come in. Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat. As its name suggests, Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, with the addition of wheat flour. They have a slightly nutty, earthy taste. Soba contains all 8 essential amino acids, making it a healthy alternative to flour-based pastas. Soba is also high in protein and fiber. Like lots of other Japanese foods, soba noodles have medicinal qualities, and have a beneficial effect on heart health, help regulate blood sugar and soothe inflammation. Try this soba noodles with watermelon, radish, frozen edamame and carrots. It will only take you 25 minutes plus some additional time for the veggies to cool off if you want to serve this dish cold.

Southern Grilled Salmon With Blueberry Corn Salsa

Salmon is known to be high in beneficial omega-3 acids and antioxidants and it’s also easy and very fast to cook. Check out this 30-minute grilled salmon with blueberry corn salsa recipe, you’re sure to love it. An array of odors, such as chili powder, ground cumin, coriander and salt infuse the salmon with a unique Southwestern aroma. Impart relish to your salmon with the special occasion salsa made of blueberries, frozen corn and cilantro. Impress your guests with this delicious dish which is both simple to craft and exquisite to taste.

Raw Zucchini Pasta with Carrot-Cashew Cream Sauce

Zucchini noodles, also known as zoodles, are an excellent alternative to wheat pasta, they are gluten-free and high in fiber. Thanks to their satisfying qualities, zoodles are a great ingredient to appease your hunger without extra carbs. The quickest and easiest way to make zucchini noodles is with a spiralizer appliance. You can also use a vegetable peeler to make zoodles. This no-cook recipe will help you prepare a creamy pasta sauce that doesn’t require cooking, in just 10 minutes: simply blend carrots, cashew and sun-dried tomatoes together. You can serve the dish with some frozen peas on top.

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