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Food Fight

Voting Again - May & Corbyn

Picture from the Guardian on line

Not sure how to vote –

Here’s what I do - go for the candidate who eats the best food, with the best food tastes and possibly similar to you, you’re sure to get on and agree on their policies.

After all, who’d want to go for dinner with a man who only eat over cooked meat & two veg or a woman who screams at the sight of a bone (meat bone – come on!). Then again, who’d want to hang out with someone who only eat beige food or a person who had to have certain foods on certain days - - - - - people who eat exciting, are exciting, those who have a varied diet are sure to lead a varied life, those amongst us who love flavours from all over the world quite possibly have widened their experiences with travel and have a good understanding of cultures.

What you eat and how you eat it really does tell a lot about yourself.

So, let’s have a food fight between Mrs Theresa May and Mr Jeremy Corbyn and see who should get the vote.

So, let’s start – women first

Theresa May

Loves a curry, her favourite Indian restaurant being Malick’s in Cookham.

But prefers to cook rather than eat out as she has a high interest in cooking, inherited from her mother, apparently, a good cook herself.

In her less busier days she learned new recipes, often trying a new one every week and likes to go free style rather than following recipes exactly.

She enjoys fresh fragrant interesting vegetable recipes.

Mrs May owns over 100 cook books (excluding Delia as she thinks the exact measurements are lacking the fun element)

Theresa was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes meaning she has to inject herself daily and watch what she eats.

She describes her guilty pleasure as salt and vinegar crisps, which she once gave up for lent.

Jeremy Cobyn

He professes to not agreeing with any form of sugar so refuses most sweet stuff, but if he was made to eat a biscuit it would be a shortbread.

A vegetarian for over 50 years, who’s favourite restaurant is Gaby’s Deli in London where he enjoys Humous.

Apparently, he preferred eating beans straight out of a can instead of eating his first wife’s dinners (allegedly – reported in the Mirror!)

At Lunch time in parliament, he has been known to snack on noodles and granola bars.

He once presented at the British Kebab Awards advising people to eat salad with their kebabs and said he liked it if they had falafels on the menu.

Now you know the facts the voting is up to you.

Will it be Theresa May with her experimental cooking or Jeremy Corbyn with his chickpea delights?

By Zena Leech-Calton ©


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