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Essential Tools for Cooking Steak

These tools for cooking steak are sharp and easy to use, so as to enhance your cooking and your filet's juicy sweetness.

As I'm sure you're aware, not every tool in the shed is as sharp as you may think, which also applies to your kitchenware. If you're new to the cooking game, you may be wondering what the most essential tools for cooking steak might be and, I have to say, it's not easy finding them. Or, maybe you've just grown tired of the slow cooked chicken recipes that fill your Facebook timeline and want to try something new. 

It doesn't matter if your brand new to the kitchen or a pro chef, everyone needs a good purveyor of the various utensils and equipment for cooking. I'm not talking about aluminum foil or metal spatulas. I'm talking about the essential tools for cooking steak, from high quality cutting boards to heat resistant platters. The following products are sure to make any home chef an instant restaurant craze. 

Classic 8" Chef's Knife by Wusthof

You can't call yourself a cook or chef until you have the right tools of the trade, such as this Wusthof blade that can cut through anything from asparagus to char broiled filet mignon, as if either one were butter. Good chef knives don't come cheap, so if you're expecting to pay little to nothing for something this versatile, think again. 

Know what the best cuts of beef are before grabbing this utensil. Wusthof is the creme de la creme of kitchenware blades, so it's obvious this eight inch knife would be among the essential tools for cooking steak. 

8" Cast Iron Skillet by Finex

One of the best grilling gear engineers out there is Finex. Their top of the line products, such as this cast iron skillet, make for easy and quick bouts in the kitchen, hassle free. Just know that utilizing a cast iron skillet is time consuming, because they need a lot of care to be of exceptional use.

This handcrafted eight inch skillet comes pre-seasoned in flaxseed oil, completely polished for a non-stick performance, and has a stainless steel handle for a speed cool finish. It's part of the essential tools for cooking steak, so if you want the best bang for your buck, this Finex skillet is it. 

Ultimate Marinater and Meat Tenderizer by Jaccard

Most people often don't use the right tools the right way when engineering their grand feast in the kitchen. One of the most essential tools for cooking steak would easily be a Jaccard meat tenderizer. Which uses vacuum pressure to open up the meat, then rushing marinade into the pores for a rich finishing taste. 

Kitchen tools aren't the easiest to find, especially ones that are particularly useful for making steak, but with this ultimate marinater and meat tenderizer by Jaccard you get most of the necessities needed in one product, which are totally dishwasher safe. 

Thermopen by Maverick

So you're in the midst of cooking a sweet and juicy filet, yet you aren't sure when exactly the meat's cooked to perfection. This is where Maverick's beautiful thermopen comes in handy, another must buy among tools for cooking meat. It will alert you of the needed cooking time, while also helping to keep track of delicate foods. 

This product comes with a type K thermocouple and a stainless steel micro tip probe that's completely water resistant and guaranteed accurate. Don't go blind when cooking your next steak dinner, just grab Maverick's easy to clean meat thermometer to make your kitchen life that much simpler.

Grape Seed Oil by Belleza Solutions

If you're not cooking steak with grape seed oil, you're simply doing it wrong. It's among the most essential tools for cooking steak, because of its high smoke point and tasteless ingredients. For the perfectly cooked steak, grape seed oil needs to be in your pantry. 

Neutral oils are an exceptional buy when trying to broaden your kitchen knowledge. For comparison, extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, while grape seed oil's is at a crisp 420, keeping your steak nice and tasty within a perfected smokey taste. 

Boning Knife by Dalstrong

Unlike the previous knife on this list of tools for cooking steak, this Dalstrong boning knife is an award winning blade with exceptional design and execution. 

The boning knife, which looks more like an ancient Japanese short sword, tends to be a five to eight inch thin blade used primarily to simplify boning and fileting. If you're serious about making quality steaks at home, Dalstrong's got you covered with their unbeatable boning knife. 

Cutting Board by John Boos

In every mainstream cook's kitchen is a cutting board or butcher's block, one of many essential tools for cooking steak. Not only does it simplify your cutting and fileting, it also keeps your countertops clean and sanitary. 

John Boos' walnut counter top cutting board is a good starting point when searching for the right tools for your kitchen. Remember, it doesn't have to be extremely over the top expensive, just make sure it doesn't snap in half after the first use. 

Chef Apron by Under NY Sky

In addition to keeping your workstation clean, you also want to keep yourself relatively clean in the process. Available in three different colors, this chef's apron is the perfect introduction to the kitchen lifestyle, especially if you're intending on upping your grilling game. 

Under NY Sky's exceptional apron is handcrafted to satisfy every chef, backed by the company's 100 percent guarantee of its productivity. With leather reinforcements, vintage brass harness and Danish seams, this chef apron is a necessity among the tools for cooking steak. 

Whetstone Sharpening System by Shun

The whetstone, once the executioner's best friend, now a chef necessity. Dull knives will just not do in any top grade kitchen, and most of the world's best chefs tend to buy a new knife set every two or three years. 

For the average home cooker, though, it's highly doubtful you'll buy more than one knife set in your entire life, which means a whetstone is one of the essential tools for cooking steak. When you unsuccessfully try to bore into a tough steak and find your knife dulled to pieces from its years of overuse, that's when you'll realize how important a whetstone is to the chef community. 

Cooking Stone by Good Cooking

While a simple shatterproof platter can do the trick, this cooking stone made by Good Cooking is 10 times better, for it not only keeps your steak warm and fresh in every bite, it also looks so cool as a serving tray. You can cook a steak with it, or just serve it hot and sizzling. 

In the annals of most essential tools for cooking steak, a great cooking stone like this one is among the many ranks of necessary products. Impress your friends with an eye for the kitchen when serving steaks on this awesome sizzle platter, you're sure to get them back for more ASAP.

Deluxe Grill Set by Cuisinart

Last, but certainly not least, is a grilling must-have. This is the ultimate weapon of choice when purveying the grill master for summer cookouts. Cuisinart is known for its terrific kitchen products, but this deluxe grill set is probably their most essential, by far. 

When it comes to tools for cooking steak, having the right and most useful tools for grilling is a necessity, because it'll not only simplify your cooking time, it will also enhance your overall technique. 

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Essential Tools for Cooking Steak
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