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Enjoying Food in Paris

Food You Must Try in Paris

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French cuisine is so diverse that you would have to divide it up per region to understand all that you could gastronomically enjoy in the country. Of course, when someone mentions France most people first think of the capital Paris. So let us take a look at some of the food that you absolutely must try in the city. 

First and foremost you must have a warm, crispy baguette. If you have never tried this kind of French bread you are missing out on a real treat. Of course, baguettes are now available in other countries but it is not the same experience as buying a warm baguette from a boulangerie or bakery in Paris and nibbling at it as you walk along the Seine. 

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When having a meal at a bistro a real taste delight is pairing a perfectly grilled steak with potatoes or frites that are fresh, hand-cut and double-fried. 

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Another food to definitely try available in most brasseries and cafes is Croque-monsieur. This is a crispy grilled ham and cheese sandwich that is usually accompanied by Bechamel sauce. If this is not enough you can add a fried egg to this treat. 

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A delicious meal is Duck confit consisting of fresh duck meat. It is made by cooking duck thighs in their own fat until the meat becomes moist and tender. They are served seared with golden and crisp skin. A traditional side with them is pommes sarladaises which are garlicky potatoes that have been sautéed in the duck fat. 

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If you prefer to eat on the run then Jambon-buerre is for you. This sandwich is sold from corner bakeries and you can order it from the counter in most cafes. What you get is a fresh half-baguette with butter and cooked ham. 

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There is the ever-popular Croissant which will first draw your attention with its incredible aroma. The warm buttery croissant is heaven to bite into. To be sure you get the original make sure that the place where you purchase yours makes them fresh not frozen. 

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When you are craving something sweet try the pastry named after the famous bicycle race from Paris to the tip of Brittany – Paris-Brest. This is a wheel-shaped choux pastry shell that has been garnished with buttercream and sprinkled with caramelized almonds. 

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Most everywhere now you can get Macarons but this delicate pastry originated in Paris. It consists of two almond meringue shells stuck together with buttercream or ganche. Macarons come in all kinds of flavors and colors. The hand-made ones are the best. 

Food on the Go in Paris

In Paris, you do not always have the time for leisurely strolling and sometimes you are eager to get to your destination but you still want something to eat. There are many kinds of foods which can be purchased and eaten without having to spend hours at a restaurant and the best thing is that all of the street food that you can find is simply delicious.

At Frenchie To Go you’ll find mouth-watering hot pastrami sandwiches and pulled pork accompanied by homemade fries and craft beers.

You can also find such well-known treats as grilled cheese sandwiches at a shop where the best way to eat them is accompanied by tomato soup. You can also find tuna melt and other quick bites that at Mabel they will be only too happy to prepare for you.

You’ll find that there are places like L’Avant Comptoir that have to-go windows from which you can purchase tempting crepes prepared in different ways.

Even in Paris you’ll find one of the most popular street foods the doner kebab and you’ll find yourself enjoying a pita stuffed with shredded meat and white sauce. 

If you are into seafood head for the Sunken Chip and get fresh fish and chips. The fish fillets come from the coast daily and the thick-cut English fries are great. There is even malted vinegar for your fries.

Looking for burgers then look no farther than Le Camion, Fume the original Parisian food truck. You’ll find fabulous burgers and homemade onion rings.

Paris has discovered and embraced Mexi-Cali food and at the California Cantine you’ll find creative Californian style foods like tacos carnitas, chicken tacos, and even blue-cheese burgers.

If it is Indian food you are craving then head for the food truck known as Epices & Love where you’ll find a lentil-rice flour wrap full of potatoes, onions and spices all topped with homemade chutney and pickles. 

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Enjoying Food in Paris
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