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Brewing Methods

Coffee!!! We all love the stuff and I have loved Coffee since well I cannot remember, it has been so long, and I would like to share with you guys some methods I have learnt throughout the years. There are so many ways you can brew a coffee. Here are some of my favourite ways I have tried and tested.

The French Press

The french press was first designed by two Italians called Attilio Calimani and Gilio Moneta in 1929, it is a full immersion brewing device which guarantees one thing and that is a viscous brew with a full bodied and an increased texture. It uses a metal mesh to filter but using it is so simple. You are guaranteed a strong coffee each time, but make sure you leave it for at least four minutes and you must use coarse grounds coffee to prevent bitterness.

The Moka Pot

The moka pot, or stove top espresso maker in English, is an iconic stove top invented in Italy and by a guy called Renato Bialetti in the 1930s. You place it on your hob and place hot boiling water to create a pressurised steam that pushes the coffee though a filter into a top compartment (very clever I would like to say myself). The result is a dark but sweet full-bodied brew.

The Chemex

The Chemex, is a very simple, but leaves you with a nice richness taste of the coffee. It was invented by a guy called Peter Schlumbohm around the 1940s. It eliminates the oils, sediments, and the bitterness to get the amazing mild taste. Although not as rich as the french press, the Chemex does produce a sediment free cup of coffee that will impress anyone used to the weaker taste of most auto-drip coffee machines.

The Areopress

The aeropress was invented by a guy called Alan Adler in 2005 and this technique produces a full bodied smooth brew while allowing for lots of personalization change the steeping time, pressure or water temperature, or try inversion by steeping with the aeropress upside down, to yield results. This machine is portable so you can take it anywhere and it gives a nice smooth texture but that kick at the end.

The Turkish Ibrik

The Turkish ibrik was used back in the 16th century and I cannot find the inventor off this one. In the 16th century this technique was traditionally cooked in scorching hot sand in Egypt or Turkey and the pot is made usually out of copper to maintain the heat. Now-a-days, this coffee pot is designed for the stovetop, but it will still produce a dark authentic brew with a full body flavour. To get the best out of this brewing method, you should do it low, as the coffee should foam but never boil or it would ruin the coffee. When the coffee is ready, take your time with it and enjoy it. If I use this method at home, I usually have it black with a dash of cream for more richness and I love my coffee a bit sweet.

These are just a couple of brewing methods there are so many ways and each one gives a unique flavour and texture, from strong to mild, but these are my favourite ones. I have tested all and have to say again my favourite one must be the Aeropress. I’m always on the move, working a lot and when I do travel I can just pick it up (which is a big bonus). But if I’m at home chilling with friends or family, I tend to do the Turkish ibrik method, as it just gives an amazing flavour and with a dash of cream is just makes the best cup of coffee.. 

The different brewing methods

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