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CoCo Ichibanya London Review

You cannot sleep on this new restaurant.

Last weekend, my family and I visited London, just for the fun of it. We walked a lot, shopped a lot, and ate a lot. Truth be told, the main reason my sister and I wanted to go to London was to try out the new CoCo Ichibanya that opened in Covent Garden just a few months ago, and guys, it was AMAZING.

Placed just in between Covent Garden and China Town, CoCo Ichibanya is a cosy little joint with its big yellow logo standing out on the sidewalk.

When I got there for lunch, it was already two o'clock in the afternoon, and even then, there was a cue formed outside. Through the large glass window, we could actually see how packed the place was, and as mentioned before, the joint isn't very big, so it was totally understandable that there was a line outside. 

Now, usually, when we see that there's a line for a restaurant, we just walk away and find something else, we are just too lazy and impatient to wait, but since we came to London with the agenda to try CoCo Curry, we also got in line, and to the restaurant's credit, we did not have to wait long at all–and I was extra impressed by the fact that they got us a menu, and took our order while we were still outside so we wouldn't have to wait too long once we did get in.

Once we got inside, we were seated on stools facing the window outside. Although it would've been nice to have sat on a normal table-we were happy with what we got, since we were very satisfied being nosy and people-watching. And then our food arrived, very promptly I might add.

I cannot emphasise how good the curry was, I was nearly in tears. Ever since I saw travel videos of people eating at this joint in Japan, it has had a top spot in my food bucket list, and holy cow, it was worth the wait.

So, since this was my first time here, I went very basic and ordered the chicken katsu curry with cheese, with an average portion of rice (200g I believe), and average spice level, with a lemon tea.

High Praise

Look at this picture and tell me it doesn't look amazing. Tell me, I dare you. It was so damn good! The curry was rich and delicious, there was so much cheese, the chicken was succulent (I hate this word, but there's no other way to describe it), and crispy, and the rice was perfect! I literally cannot praise it enough.

My Sister's Order

Above is the photo of what my sister ordered, which I think is the same as mine, but with an egg on top (omurice style), and no cheese (preposterous), it was called Chicken Katsu Omelette Curry, and of course, I stole some off of her plate, and it was equally delicious. I think I may have fallen in love.

Although I am only able to show you these two dishes properly, the actual menu is HUGE. I am not kidding guys, it has pages and pages of delicious-looking curry, and between you and me, I kinda wanted to try all of them. There is such a huge variety, ranging from all veggie curries, seafood curries, deep fried seafood curry, cutlet curry, and everything looked SO DAMN TASTY. There is even a dumpling curry. I was dying, I wanted them all.

Obviously, we devoured our curry in record time, and honestly, even though I was already dying from how full I was, I kinda wanted another plate. I feel like if I did that, I'd need to be wheelbarrowed out of there, so with much hardship, I restrained myself and didn't order anything else. I was also pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced it was, for its quality, and where it's situated, and how big the dishes were, I found the bill to be very fair–basically for two curries and two lemon teas it came to £30.60, so just over £15 per person, and to me, that seemed really good.

Finally, and this is just me nitpicking, but if I absolutely had to pick a negative (so as not to sound too biased). I was a little disappointed in the fact that there were only two spice levels to choose from, mild and standard, and although the dishes were amazing as is, I think it would've been nice to try something a little spicier. Apart from that, the place is PERFECT. It is small and cosy, with the chefs cooking everything right in front you, the staff were super efficient and friendly, and the dishes were spectacular.

I genuinely want to recommend this restaurant to everyone. If you like any type of curry, be it Indian or Chinese or Thai, then I guarantee that you'll love CoCo Curry. You guys HAVE to try it.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

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CoCo Ichibanya London Review
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