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Best Themed Restaurants in NYC

The Big Apple takes dining to new heights with their experience-based meals at the best themed restaurants in NYC.

If you're a foodie, you know that New York City is the place for you. With a serious eating-culture, NYC is often at the cutting edge of new food trends, experiments and experiences. It is no surprise that New York is also the capital of themed restaurants. If you're looking for a unique dining experience in The City That Never Sleeps, try one of these hot spots next time you're heading out to celebrate. 

Beetle House

Beetle House is a themed bar/restaurant that is inspired by all things Halloween, goth and Tim Burton. Beetle House really comes to life after 4 PM, with dark and delicious snacks and drinks that rival any pub fare. 

This is a must-try place for anyone obsessed with Tim Burton, or the dark side in general. It is one of the most popular themed-restaurants in NYC, and has been so successful that a new location has opened in LA. 

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is a seafood restaurant based on the film Forrest Gump. The restaurant features shrimp cooked in a huge number of ways, themed meals such as "Lt. Dan's Drunken Shrimp," and decorated in the style of Forest's shrimping boat. This NYC staple has been running strong in Times Square for years, and is definitely worth a run for fried shrimp. 

You could probably tell right away what the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is all about. If not, this is the perfect time to pause your life and watch Forrest Gump. 

Ellen's Stardust Diner

Ellen's Stardust Diner is a musical and Broadway themed restaurant that has been a tourist and local destination for years. With daily performances, special events, and singing waitstaff, this is a must-visit for anyone who loves musicals and performance art.

The Headless Horseman

If you are a fan of old-time charm, you need to pay a visit to The Headless Horseman. The beautiful pub and restaurant is completely decked out in classic wood and simple furnishings to make you feel like you're in the 1800s. 

This is the perfect themed venue for hosting a reading or book club meeting, especially if your group is reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Unlimited mimosas don't hurt either. 

Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant and Bar

Jekyll and Hyde is famous throughout the world as New York's most haunted bar. The restaurant is themed for the unusual, the scary, and the creepy, and is the perfect place to visit for anyone who loves a good Halloween vibe at any time of the year. 

Beyond bizarre live entertainment and staff that play a range of characters, the food is amazing and drinks are on-theme and reasonably priced. 


Ninja is the perfect themed restaurant to bring the kids to. Unsurprisingly, this restaurant is filled with Ninjas that take your order, and perform magic tricks throughout the night. Guests rave about this fun experience hat is great for kids and adults. 

As a bonus, the Japanese fare is highly rated, so you can enjoy a beautiful meal while you're entertained. 

Rue La Rue Cafe

If you love The Golden Girls, Rue La Rue Cafe is a must-visit for you! The cafe is filled with Golden Girls memorabilia, with explicit and more subtle references to the show. 

What's more, the food is great and the prices reasonable. This cafe has already become a beloved neighborhood staple, even for those who have no idea who The Golden Girls are. 

The Ship

The Ship is a new and beloved themed bar located in the heart of SoHo. The cozy and themed decor makes visitors truly feel as though they are onboard a boat! 

This lounge has been praised for the atmosphere, food and cocktails, but interestingly, you can only drop in from Monday to Friday. Locals and tourists stop by the ship for their impressive drink menu, and food options. 

Trailer Park Lounge

The Trailer Park Lounge is exactly what it sounds like. This dive bar and restaurant celebrates all things trashy and trailer park in their decor. This is the perfect spot for some low-key fun and a dinner you don't need to dress up for. 

The Lounge is known for delicious pub fare, and many living in the neighborhood are regulars for the food alone. 

New York City is home to some of the finest dining in the world, and with that reputation comes a tendency to make elaborate and embellished dining experiences. Make your meal an experience by visiting one of these tried and tested themed restaurants in NYC. 

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Best Themed Restaurants in NYC
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