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Best Sit Down Lunches in Montreal

Delicious Places to Grab a Bite If You Have Time to Spare

Buddha bowl from Kodimoto

Lunch, just like breakfast or any other meal of the day, is considered to be important, however it varies depending on your mood and what you are craving for. This will be a list of the the top five, in my opinion and in no specific order as well, best lunches around this multicultural city.

Top Five Sit down Places for Lunch:


Volcano Buddha bowl

Address: 4820 Jean Talon O.

Type of Cuisine: Asian/Asian Fusion

This is a cute quiet spot that has a certain elegance to it as soon as you walk it. It's quaint, quiet, and romantic all at once. They serve a variety of different Maki's and Hosomaki's, as well as bento boxes and classic asian dishes such as chicken or beef teriyaki. The staff is small yet friendly and they try to make each guest feel as comfortable as they can while they dine.

L'Asie Resto Bar

Top to Bottom: Shrimp, Crab, Mackerel, Tuna, Cuttle Fish, Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Caviar.

Address: 1777 Avenue McGill College

Type of Cuisine: Asian Fusion/Sushi

When it comes to sit down lunches, no one will say no to sushi. This specific restaurant is located just outside the walls of the Eaton Centre in Montreal and is a few steps away from one of the McGill campuses. It serves a variety of different sushis and classic asian dishes, as well as westernized dishes. The service is quite good at the different times of the day, and the best part is that it is an all you can eat buffet. You just need to be conscious to not waste the food however, because there is a 1$ charge for every piece wasted.

Bonus: They offer one bag of seafood broil for free per person per visit.

The Keg

The Steak and Alaskan Crab legs

Address: 5 Place Ville Marie

Type of Cuisine: Steakhouse and Seafood

Many people have the impression that places like The Keg have a specific price range or special drsesscode, however, that is not true. This is a classic and common steakhouse with a set of reasonable prices and a variety of different dishes for everyone to choose from. They also cook your meat the way you like it and the freshness of the ingredients can be tasted in the food itself.

Les Enfants Terribles

Beef Tartare

Address: 1 Place Ville Marie

Type of Cuisine: Canadian/French

This unique restaurant is on the top floor of Place Ville Marie and has an astonishing view of the whole city. It makes amazing pictures for Instagram and the food is delicious. Depending on the season or time of day, there is a terrasse if not also a indoor sitting area. It is a bit crowded, but it is worth it with the atmosphere. They have unique twists on certain classics like the beef tartare covered in cheese, or shepherd's pie in mushroom sauce. Make sure to make a reservation to get the best view and pictures possible!

Baton Rouge

In the back: Filet Mignon with Sweet Potato fries 

In the front: Jewels of the Sea

Address: 180 St Catherine O.

Type of Cuisine: American/Steakhouse

This is the kind of food that you would want to crave during the festival time, before a comedy show or after a long day of studying (like in my case). It is situated in the heart of downtown Montreal. There is a huge variety of choices here from steaks, to burgers, salads, and seafood and at amazing reasonable prices too. The food is fresh and the staff is amazing and if you go during the right season, maybe you'll get a free concert on their terrasse. 

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Best Sit Down Lunches in Montreal
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