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Best High-Quality Chef's Knives Under $100

Slice and dice your greatest meals yet after biting into these dime a dozen deals on the sleekest chef's knives under $100.

You'll never chop asparagus the same again after you witness these cutting edge deals. Chef's knives, the real quality gems of the bunch, are truly difficult to find, especially ones that are inexpensive. People (the ones who don't cook as often) think that a high quality, useful, and rewarding chef knife only comes down to the type of metal used, or the blade itself, but this is remarkably incorrect.  

Impressive chef's knives under $100, like those shown below, not only share in overall best designs, blade edges, and metals, but also have some of the most durable handles and utilize special crafting methods for prolonged usages. You don't have to fear ever again about dulled blades, or uncomfortable shafts hurting your hand as you're cooking. Before you know it you'll biting into the best savings yet after slicing your favorite meals with these dashing knives. 

Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife by Victorinox

Victorinox is known for making some of the most high quality blades and knives on the market, and this is no different for when it comes to chef's knives under $100. This Fibrox beauty is one of kind, especially since it's only $35. 

Reaching up to 8 inches, the Pro line of chef's knives by Victorinox are razor sharp with the most comfortable grip and are made with high carbon stainless steel, so the old wear and tear is a thing of the past. Victorinox Fibrox should not be overlooked. 

6-Inch Carbon Steel Chef Knife by Sabatier

Stop pretending to be among celebrity chefs who aren't actually chefs and just be a good cook, that's all there is to it. Oh, and a Sabatier chef's knife. If you think you're cutting your best, you're sadly mistaken if you don't have one of these bad boys.

You see, Sabatier has been in the business of making impeccable steak and chef's knives for years (obviously made famous through the art of French cuisine). You will not find any other cutlery as amazing as this blade, especially when perusing the vast annals of chef's knives under $100. 

Olivewood 4-Inch Parer Knife by Sabatier

As I said previously, no other brand makes some of the most top notch, high quality and heavy duty knives like Sabatier, and there's no difference with the Olivewood addition. Unless, of course, you count the sharp edge and comfortable grip.

When it comes to chef's knives under $100, Sabatier makes for some of the highest quality cutlery around. On top of that, these blades were made in France, proving of their quality and traditional roots. I may not be the best out there, but if you want one of many top tips from a chef for BBQ perfection, buying a Sabatier is necessary. 

D Series German Steel Chef's Knife by Cangshan

Considered among the best chef's knives by Best Reviews in 2018, it's become an obvious kitchen craze that the Cangshan D series of chef's knives under $100 make for the most well-crafted and durable pieces of hardware yet. Slice and dice your best with these powerful blades, starting at $47. 

The D series can also be bought in 7 inches, rather than 8, making the knife much more versatile and giving it a more kitchen knife feel. The handle was even made as a redesign from a classic comfort grip, providing zero slip and comfortable feel in palms. 

Four Star 7 Inch Chef's Knife by ZWILLING J.A. Henckels

Any real chef knows the JA Henckels' name, for some of the best chef's knives under $100 can be found nowhere else but under their most well-crafted designs. This one alone is only $50, and there's a wide range of options to choose from (6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch besides the one above). 

There's also the fact that the sharp edge of this amazing cutlery piece is considered no stain steel, utilizing a special high carbon formula, much like the Victorinox, except these were made in Germany. Additionally, these blades were ice-hardened by techniques that give this stunner a one of a kind sharp and hardness like never before. 

8 Inch Japanese High Carbon Chef Knife by Newild

Judged by the blackened color, Japanese style alone, it should be no wonder that this Newild cutlery is among the best chef's knives under $100 (it's freaking $20!), but there's loads of evidence as to proof the noteworthiness of this blade. 

Utilizing one of the most comfortable grips on the design floor, this 8 inch Newild chef knife is completely versatile with suitabilities for bread, veggies, meats, or fillets of all kinds. It's also designed not only with the best quality in mind, but also with ergonomics for an integrated blade and handle. 

Classic 6-inch Chef's Knife by Wüsthof

You can't spell chef knife without Wüsthof. They're in kitchens everywhere, known widely as among the most talented cutlery manufacturers around with some of the best designs and quality steels available.

Like Victorinox, these bad boys come recommended by chef's all over the world, making it among the most necessary chef's knives under $100. Read up on what the folks over at Good Housekeeping have to say about this superb mesh of carving perfection and flawless design. 

Chef Series Hollow Edge Chef's Knife by Mac Knife

The hollow edge blades are mostly a thing of the past, besides these amazing Mac knives. Being that their chef's knives under $100, you'd think they would be this inexpensive for a reason (ie bad quality steels), but you'd be mistaken. 

In fact, Mac makes some of the best chef's knives on the market. While the hollow edge might not be such a top contender for chef's and kitchenistas alike, the Mac chef series hollow edge make for some of the sharpest pieces of steel cutlery around.

Meridian Elite Chef's Knife by Messermeister

Messermeister's line of Meridian Elite knives are stunning works of craftsmanship made with the topmost care for both durability and comfort. They're a real steal too, for being some of the most sought after razor sharp chef's knives under $100, giving them the label of kitchen essential. 

The 8 inch Meridian Elite shown above is more than just stunning. It's one of the best chef's knives available, and is more often than not considered one of a few chef hacks to save you time. Never tire your arm again when cutting up the beefiest steak in your freezer after buying this stunning kitchen blade. 

GS-3 5 inch Cook's Knife by Global

While it may not be an actual chef knife per say, the GS-3 by Global is still a rather top notch piece of cutlery and among the best chef knives under $100 for that sheer fact. This is an all-purpose, vanadium steel and Japanese style blade with 7 inches in length for some of the most fine cut meals in your menu.

You don't have to be a chef for the Santoku hollow ground knife to be your new best friend in the kitchen. Global is known for some high quality pieces, and the dimpled grip only adds to this demand. 

HD Hammered Damascus 4.75-inch Santoku Knife

Look at this stunning blade. Is there any other like it? No, of course there isn't. I saved the best for last with the Enso Santuko, again not an actual cook's knife but still a one of kind piece of cutlery and among the best chef's knives under $100. 

Even besides the sleek, unique design, the Enso HD Damascus has a double bevel edge, meaning the user can be both right and left handed. It's also 37-layered for a "hammered," or tsuchime finish. Don't think it's worth your time? Then you haven't actually felt a comfortable handle before. 

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