Zena Leech-Calton

I'm a cookery tutor & food writer with a passion for all things food, with over 30 yrs experience in catering. I trained at Norwich College & again at Westminster London while working as a chef + food tours www.lovenorwichfood.co.uk

Food Fight
2 years ago
Not sure how to vote – Here’s what I do - go for the candidate who eats the best food, with the best food tastes and possibly similar to you, you’re sure to get on and agree on their policies. After a...
When people bring THEIR food in to YOUR Kitchen
2 years ago
When people bring their food in to your Kitchen O.K I know I’m miserable, opinionated and whinge continuously on my blogs BUT ‘I hate it when people bring their food in to my house’ I realised this we...
Wild Garlic Aioli
2 years ago
Now what really is Aioli, some times spelt Aoli or Allioli? All pronounced Ay-Oh-Lee. Of course it’s a garlic mayonnaise of sorts but, to use eggs or not to use eggs? Traditionally Spanish aioli was m...
I Love Burgers
2 years ago
I love burgers.
Eating the Real Iceland
2 years ago
There’s one essential thing to know about Iceland - it's 2 – 3 times the price of the UK, it may put you off but the stunning views, friendly people and divine food will make you forget about the cred...
Shaw Shank Lamb Redemption
2 years ago
In the good old days when ABC was singing about poisoned arrows and Jimmy Saville was well respected (I never liked him) lamb shanks were a thing of revoltingness with the fore shank and hind shank be...