Zach Grattan

There’s a story in every dish, but most people find it kind of hard to listen with their tongue.

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Don’t Eat the Fuzzy Ones
20 hours ago
I swear that the first greens of the spring come like a green sigh of relief. After damn near five months of winter, they release like the forest has been holding its breath all that time. Some folks ...
Good Egg Puns Are Hard – Good Eggs Shouldn’t Be
a month ago
Eggs are sexy. I don’t care what anyone says, and if you don’t like eggs, you’re wrong (barring you poor souls with egg allergies, my heart bleeds for you). The stories about cooking eggs being used a...
Rosemary and Grapefruit Shortbread
3 months ago
Cookies are patient, Cookies are kind. Cookies do not envy, they do not boast, they are not proud. Cookies don’t dishonor others, they not self-seeking, they are not easily angered, they keep no recor...
Sugar Season
4 months ago
In Northern New Hampshire, seasons don’t last months, they last a few weeks at most. There’s deer season, turkey season, calving season, lamb season, the second month of January (February), and more i...
A Long Piece About Mushrooms
4 months ago
This article is partially about foraging for and consuming wild mushrooms. Under no circumstances should this article convince you to consume any wild mushrooms without first seeking out the advice of...
In Defense of the Beet
4 months ago
Once upon a time, I was a cook. For the most part, I just use those skills to slap together the occasional cheese board or impress my girlfriend's parents with a nouveau cuisine something-or-other. I'...