Stefanie Dueck

I am an artistic, unique, funny, tattoed Mom. I love to cook or bake. I have an autisitc lil girl who I love dearly! I love animals, we have 3 cats as well. 

Maple Syrup, Maple Bacon Candied!
7 months ago
As I learned to make new concoctions, maple-candied bacon came into my recipe box! Well I decided to improvise by adding more maple syrup and instead of buying regular bacon I took the extra step and ...
Tea Biscuits
7 months ago
As we all know, Grandma's recipes are always the best. Even if it's made with "love," we all know a large portion of Grandma's recipes that are amazing!
Fried Egg Grilled Cheese and Pizza Soup
7 months ago
I'm Stef. I am not a certified chef. What you see is made at home. Yesterday, I decided to go with something a little different. I wasn't sure how it would turn out or if the egg would even stay in on...
Homemade Chocolate Cheesecake
9 months ago
Can I start it off with this recipe was found on Pinterest to start but then I tweaked it a bit... I want to add that most cheesecakes are really sweet and most say they won't eat it because it's so s...
Healthy Chicken Stew
10 months ago
Just the latest in the newest concoctions I have mixed up! I really, really love cooking and baking. Today's meal consists of healthy choices! And better yet very filling too!
Really, Maple Syrup Maple Sausages!
10 months ago
Hello, I'm Stef, I really really enjoy concocting new meals or even amping up stuff I've already made. I started cooking and baking with my Grandma at a very young age and found it to be my passion th...