Sasha McGregor

Delicious and Healthy Food
5 days ago
We live in an amazing age where we can find most anything to eat. Not only can we eat what we want, but there are so many healthy options too. Healthy food has a bad reputation of not tasting good. Th...
Foods to Try to Improve Your Health
19 days ago
You are what you eat: How your diet affects your health You are what you eat is more than just a cliche that gets tossed around when someone decides to try a new diet. It is a scientifically proven fa...
Foods That Will Help You Eat Healthy
2 months ago
Determining Which Foods Are Best For You
The Nostalgic Appeal Some People Have for Soda Shops Today
2 months ago
Today, Soda Shops are somewhat unknown. However, back in the 1950s and up until the 70s, they were prominent inside the local drugstore in a lot of towns we lived in. For children and teens of these e...
Best Foods to Try Internationally
3 months ago
Food is an essential part of our everyday lives. We use it during celebrations and parties, we have competitions with it, we need it to live, we even use it to bribe people to come to events, because ...
4 Foods with Surprising Health Benefits
3 months ago
When it comes to eating healthy, there are the main foods that everyone knows about. Eat your leafy greens and cut down on sodas, candy, and processed foods. But there are a number of food items out t...