Peter Moody

Primary school teacher, writer/blogger. My wife Ali and I live in South Oxfordshire. I am fascinated by what is available locally and seasonally and hope to be able to share that with you here. 

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Save My Love for a Rainy Day
11 days ago
​Autumn's leaves blew hard and fast this weekend, with a threat of winter and summer becoming a distant memory. Salad days have turned into rain and soup days. Days when all I really want to do is get...
Cauli 'Couscous', Ras al Hanout Autumn Veg with Sumac Yoghurt
11 days ago
My kitchen is full of such great local produce at the moment that my brain had trouble computing and making a decision where to go with it all. Panic ensued. I wonder who else suffers from "food anxie...
Potion of Love
17 days ago
Vegan and veggie friends, look away now!! I am about to alienate a number of my fine clean eating friends with this latest blog, but it's medicinal, honest! I've been having this delicious broth every...