Penny Pleasance

Penny Pleasance is a writer who lives in greater Philadelphia. She reviews cookbooks for New York Journal of Books and blogs at Stories from Scratch. She studied cooking under Henri Lévi at his New York cooking school, La Cuisine Sans Peur.

Move Over Basil. Mint and Feta Are the New Flavor Essentials of Summer
a year ago
When the first of the summer vegetable and fruit crops start to ripen, simple preparations are all that are wanted. A ripe peach or watermelon eaten by hand with their juices dripping down chins and h...
A Corn Lover's Guide to Getting the Most Out of Early Season Corn
a year ago
I have a friend who will not eat corn. She will eat foie gras and grilled sardines and truffles of course. But she will not eat corn. Don’t ask me why. Whenever she starts to tell me, I immediately st...