Paula C. Henderson

Paula makes her home in Las Vegas, Nevada. A freelance writer, healthy food advocate, mom and cookbook author.

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Celery: I Promise This Isn't Boring!
19 days ago
Celery is one of those foods that are difficult to eat before it goes bad. To make it last much, much longer in the refrigerator, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and refrigerate it. I've had celery s...
Gluten and Dairy Free Chicken Recipes
19 days ago
Many people on a dairy-free diet find real butter does not bother them when eaten on occasion. I am one of them and so you will find some recipes calling for real butter. If you avoid butter, please s...
Gluten and Dairy Free Breakfast Ideas
23 days ago
1. Eggs, omelettes (no cheese), frittata with vegetables but no cheese. If you are used to cheese, please at least try it. You really do not miss the cheese. Any vegetable you like goes well in an ome...