Nicole Allen

Fitness and Wellness Specialist

Certified in Holistic/Homeopathic Remedies

Nutrition lover

Clean eating fanatic

Imperfect Naturalist

Lover of growth & knowledge

Eat, Live, Love like a human!

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My Healthy Meal Routine
7 days ago
Dear humans, I always stress that it's SUPER important to enjoy food and eating. A healthy relationship with food is far more important than any amount of weight loss. There is absolutely no point in ...
Quick & Simple Healthy Sweet Treats (Video)
11 days ago
New year, new me. Same taste buds. Let's be honest, whoever said losing weight and getting fit equals giving up everything you love in life was a complete a-hole... and TOTALLY wrong. I love rich trea...
3 Filling, Simple, Quick & Easy Meals Under 300 Calories
a month ago
As part of my twelve-day holiday countdown, I want to highlight something new everyday for 12 days that promotes healthy fitness and nutrition habits. I want to help you start the new year right and a...