Miguel Garriga

I am Miguel Garriga owner and writer of Koobie’s Coffee. I am passionate about coffee. This passion fueled my desire to create this online platform! Let my expertise and passion guide you towards making the right decision!

Microgreens vs Sprouts: What Is the Difference?
a month ago
If you happen to ask a person on the street about microgreens, chances are you will get these answers: “Aren’t they the same as sprouts?” or “Is it the pretty plant used for decorations?” According to...
All About Organic Coffee: How It's Made and the Benefits
7 months ago
As the world is trending towards healthy consumption and natural foods, organic coffee is a popular topic that most people are paying attention to. There is no doubt that this is a beverage that the m...
Five Reasons to Drink Organic Coffee
2 years ago
Most people have their reasons for drinking coffee. Some do it for the energy boost it provides, how the caffeine boost helps them jump-start their morning, keep them focused in the afternoon, or conc...