Linda Paul

I retired a couple of years ago and my dog and cat strongly suggested that I find something creative to do with all my spare time. I have always been a workaholic, and my furry friends were right. I love writing, so, here I am!

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The Versatility of Rice
a year ago
Rice is actually consumed in one form or another by half of the world’s population. Brown rice is indigenous to India. It was introduced to China more than 3,000 years B.C. Brown rice found its way to...
Soda Pop Cakes
a year ago
Did you know that you can make an awesome, moist, and delectable cake using only two ingredients? And, what if I told you that one of those ingredients is soda pop? That’s right... carbonated soda and...
Best Ever Dump Cakes
a year ago
The other night I was ransacking my cupboards looking for something sweet to eat. I don’t like grocery shopping, so I tend to put it off until I have just the basics. What is really wrong with this pi...
My Favorite Mug Cooking Recipes
a year ago
I am in love with mug cooking. In fact, I am pretty much obsessed with mug cooking! I must have at least 40 mugs. I have collected them over 30 years and now I can finally give each of them a chance t...
Apple Crisp Crumble
a year ago
Who doesn’t love apple crisp crumble? And who doesn’t love the taste of butterscotch? It can only get better when the butterscotch is in the form of butterscotch schnapps. This recipe is totally aweso...
Mason Jar Cakes
a year ago
This recipe is one of my favorites because it is so easy, and yet so versatile. When I moved into my new house I found a ton of brand new mason jars in the basement. My first thought was to use these ...