Liana Hewitt

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Instant Pot Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup
7 months ago
As a Canadian, this past weekend I have celebrated Thanksgiving. Getting together with friends and family and enjoying a meal is one of the best parts of celebrating Thanksgiving. Another great part o...
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
9 months ago
The thing about sweet potatoes is I always forget how much I love them until I eat them. Somewhere in my mind I think sweet potatoes are just okay but then I eat some and think where have you been all...
Instant Pot Garlic Chicken and Potatoes
10 months ago
Everyone knows my love for the Instant Pot. It makes delicious meals in the fraction of the time that traditional cooking does and the clean up is almost always as instant as the name of the pot would...
Chocolate Chip Cookies
10 months ago
If you ask me one of the most underrated desserts out there is the cookie. Cookies are delicious and can come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. There are so many different kinds of cookies...
Instant Pot Cinnamon Honey Carrots
a year ago
In my quest to find as many delicious Instant Pot recipes as possible, I have found perhaps the holy grail of carrot recipes. I am a huge fan of carrots. It’s possibly one of the best side dishes ever...
Blueberry Cake
a year ago
I happen to live in a town that has the best blueberry picking. People come from all over the place just to get a chance to pick these delicious blueberries. It makes blueberry desserts an instant go ...