Jon Medrano Miller

A regular teacher by day and a caped-crusading philosopher by night. I'm obsessed with political pop culture and then writing about it. "Don't talk unless you can improve the silence." 

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A Hispanic Irishmen's Revelation of Food History: Part II
a year ago
A family secret recipe that I have often wondered just how secret and just how rare it possibly could be, “Mine es mejor,” is what I have grown accustom to hearing. It’s a single sentence with a perfe...
A Hispanic Irishmen's Revelation of Food History: Part I
a year ago
“Always put la sal in before la pimienta.” it was apparently a secret that no one knew but my mother since she would often assert this piece of useful information in a half-baked sentence that somehow...
Does Bacon Have a Place in Our Current Wellness Culture?
a year ago
When I was a kid, before I even opened my eyes to wake up, I’d hear the crackling and sizzling sounds of a few strips of bacon being fried in a pan. I knew it was only a matter of time before the smel...