Johnson Bernard

Father of four, married for twenty years, and yet I still have the energy to type this up at 1 am as little Timmy begins to wail from upstairs. I'm a fixer-upper and a family man.

10 Reasons Why Blending Your Food Will Make You Happier and Healthier
9 months ago
Most people wouldn't seem too inclined to pull out the blender for a meal, but these days it's the most beneficial and health-inducing active kitchen utensil for dieting, weight loss, and general mood...
Best High-Quality Chef's Knives Under $100
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You'll never chop asparagus the same again after you witness these cutting edge deals. Chef's knives, the real quality gems of the bunch, are truly difficult to find, especially ones that are inexpens...
Top Natural Kitchen Cleaning Products
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Instead of looking at all natural food finds, let's take a look at the top natural kitchen cleaning products so the workspace and temple doesn't get too destroyed in all your cooking pleasures. Plus, ...