John Hatanaka

Hello I'm a spiritual mystic, singer-songwriter, and a world traveler with a love of high mountain peaks and rolling waves. I'm living on those things and in that way! You can check out my music too ( Enjoy!

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4 days ago
Alas the infiltration of more plant based products onto shelves is continually more beautiful, minus the packaging and energy required to sustain such comestibles, but hey there's movement and we like...
Navigating All Things Vegan
8 days ago
It's interesting that a lot of us decide to become plant based in Japan. It was that way for me. My whole life I had been craving the freshest fish that was on the Earth and then when I arrived I beca...
Be the Fungi
a month ago
As the summer grows late and the trees fill themselves with the last reserves of the deep green chlorophyll of summer, many will hike deep into the mountains of Colorado. They are in search of a hidde...
Geometric Shapes
2 months ago
Upon returning from Japan in 2013 I wondered what I would do next. For four years I had lived in Japan and then I found myself walking down the same streets that I had grown up on. In many ways, it wa...
Using Your Noodle to Surf
2 months ago
I remember the noodle houses in the train station at Abiko Station in Tokyo. I'd arrive when it got dark and the white bright lamps would be attracting moths that would dance around each light seeming...
3 months ago
When I close my eyes I can smell the sea, but I don't know what sea it might be, as I have seen and touched many parts of the ocean so far. I think anybody can do that. They can close their eyes and s...