Jamie Read

I spent 5 years working as an engineer before following my passion for food, nutrition and fitness. I now work as a fitness class instructor, personal trainer and study food science and nutrition at university. 

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Chickpea and Cashew Coconut Curry
10 months ago
Curry is one of the ultimate comfort foods in the world and it's not hard to see why. Its one of the most diverse dishes around because it can be customised and recreated in many different ways. 9 out...
Mini Oat Bakes and Mango Cashew Breakfast Bowl
10 months ago
Oats are an insanely popular base for a lot of people’s breakfast around the world each and every day. Their slow release energy and high fibre content keep us fuelled and filled for longer, preventin...
Chicken and Gnocchi Warm Salad
10 months ago
Chicken and Gnocchi Warm Salad Pan fried chicken breast with crispy gnocchi, grilled Brussels sprouts, caramelised carrots, spinach, fresh tomatoes and homemade black pepper hummus. This recipe starte...
Healthy English Breakfast
10 months ago
Healthy English breakfast. Crispy bacon, charred sausage, grilled cherry tomatoes, fresh green spinach, light scrambled egg white, luscious baked beans and fresh sweet potato hash! When I was losing w...
Vegetarian Wrap Base Pizza
10 months ago
Pizza has got to be up there with being one of my all-time favourite foods, but the kcal it has…not so much. Wrap base pizzas have quickly become a superstar for all pizza lovers who are trying to wat...
Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes
10 months ago
Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes This is my top-secret protein pancake recipe. It gives you the best, thick, fluffy protein pancakes, and with the extra addition of chocolate chips…you really can’t go ...