Hannah Lorrelle

I am a writer who is still trying to find her way in this great wide world. I strive to write stories that touch people's lives in some small way.

Under Ten Meal Series: Chicken and Dumplings
2 years ago
For today’s dinner I chose to make a comfort food favorite because my husband was feeling a bit blue. Chicken and dumplings was today’s menu item that I decided to tackle. I personally love this meal ...
Under Ten Meal Series: Pork and Bean Soup
2 years ago
For tonight’s supper I decided to cook something warm and savory because it is cold and dreary outside. I love a warm bowl of soup on a cold day. So I will be sharing the recipe for pork and bean soup...
Under Ten Meal Series
2 years ago
I, like many other Americans, work my 40 hours a week. The daily grind, or nightly grind in my case. I work overnights. I often find myself with too many bills and not as much money as I would like. I...