Giulia DL

Pastry chef but not only, I write a bunch of unrelated things from recipes to product reviews to day-in-the-life whenever the mood strikes. 

instagram @cosedolcissime

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Protein Apple Flan
a year ago
On this 2018 health journey, much has been said about the value of protein. There have been a few recipes thrown around, like my protein granola bars, and these delicious protein pancakes. But what ha...
Halo Top – A Review
a year ago
Like, do I even need to write anything here? A whole tub of ice cream, for 240 calories. That's as much as a little bar of chocolate. Some nutritional info for you:In each serving of Halo Top, you'll ...
A Year Without Chocolate
a year ago
As a pastry chef, part of the job is taste-testing. I know, such sacrifice. But there came a point where I was no longer just "taste-testing", and cake had become part of my daily diet. Which is all w...