George Nekilan

Has a vegetable garden in his backyard, 5th son out of 8 and is a sucker for chick flicks.

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10 Gift-Worthy Kitchen Accessories for Your Favorite Chef
8 months ago
When you cook for a living, it's particularly important that you have the best kitchen accessories. There are certain tools that every professional has that aren't 100 percent necessary, but just make...
Essential Items & Products Every Kitchen Requires to Feel Complete
a year ago
The kitchen. What used to just be the place meals were made is now more than just a food preparation area. Kitchens in 2018 have become places to hang-out, catch-up, prepare epic meals, and sip a cup ...
Delicious Gluten-Free Foods You Can Buy Online
2 years ago
Gluten-free diets aren't easy to maintain, especially in a world which tends to glorify bread and pastries the way we do. No one wants to explain why they can't eat gluten at a party, and Lord knows w...