Emma Bukovsky

I am a student at The Culinary Institute of America, I write a lot about food, mental health, and LGBTQ+ and Gueer issues. I find myself to be out spoken and abrasive, but honest and insightful. 

Double Quarter Pounder, Plain
2 years ago
Everyone has that one food that they crave in a ganja fog. The desire to run to McDonald's at 2 AM for a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese—plain—to silence your aching stomach and screaming brain is ...
The Jewish History of Honey
2 years ago
Israel: a sacred land for Jews, Christians, Islam, Druze and Bahá'í Faith—a land of milk and honey. Honey, a simply delicious golden syrup that is made by bees and devoured by humans. Honey has a very...
Passover Brisket
2 years ago
My grandmother has never been an amazing cook. She hated cooking and always took the easy way out. Microwave “baked” potatoes, instant mashed potatoes, seasoning packets of every variety, her cookies ...