David Greenwood-Haigh

Multi award-winning chocolatier with over forty years experience.fellow of the institute of hospitality, MasterChef member Craft Guild of Chefs Judges International chocolate awards, Academy of chocolate awards & Great taste awards

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Ganache Techniques
2 years ago
As a chocolatier, I use ganache in many of the recipes and demonstrations I share online so I thought I should produce an easy how to guide covering some of the ratio options for ganache. With this gu...
BBQ Rubs and Crusts
2 years ago
With BBQ season just around the corner and the recent trend for low and slow cooking, I thought we needed a chocolate take on the movement.
Top Tips From a Chef for BBQ Perfection
2 years ago
The open flame is one of the oldest cooking methods in the world. Every culture does it. The only real difference is in the ingredients and how we use the fire. since we discovered fire, and realised ...
Chocolate has a Savoury Side
2 years ago
We all love a bit of chocolate at the end of the meal, but there’s no need to limit chocolate to desserts only, the flavour of cocoa powder or a single origin chocolate bar can be rich and more bitter...
Cocoa Nibs
2 years ago
When I am running my chocolate workshops I always have some cocoa beans, nibs and cocoa butter that I show my students they are often amazed when I tell them top chefs have been using cacao nibs in th...
How to Win Food Awards
2 years ago
Everyone loves an award - it's great to receive an endorsement of your hard work, product, and your business. While time is always tight making the effort to enter a well-chosen award can really pay o...