Dayna Hoskin

Hobby baker, chicken wrangler and passionate eater of all things sweet. Coming to you from a humble half an acre in Australian suburbia.

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Lemon and Blueberry Mochi Donut (Pon de Ring)
9 days ago
The mochi starter dough is infused with lemon zest and with 50 percent of the dough being mochi, these mochi donuts form a gorgeously crunchy crust when fried.
Confections of Sovereign Hill
a month ago
My husband, William, is one of the team of about 15 19th century confectioners at Sovereign Hill that make these famous lollies, so we got the inside scoop.
Custard Apple Ruffled Pie
a month ago
I’d been eyeballing Smitten Kitchen's Ruffled Milk Pie for months, and it seemed the perfect vessel for these gorgeous yet subtle flavours to be showcased.
Whole Baked Jersey Caramel Apple Parcels
a month ago
When I decided to do my own take on a caramel apple, I knew that my childhood favourites, Jersey Caramels, were going to be at the centre of it… literally.
Apple and Rhubarb Baked Rice Pudding
a month ago
An old-fashioned dessert with an old-fashioned fruit pairing. The classics are classics for a darn good reason! But this one is dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly. You can thank me later.
Applesauce Cookies
a month ago
My applesauce cookies morphed into apple sauce crinkle cookies mid-process, but I'm not complaining!