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Self proclaimed master of the microwave, capable of creating delicious meals in less than 5 minutes

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No-Bake Summer Desserts
2 years ago
Who likes to use the oven in the summer? It gives off a ton of heat and requires you to constantly check the dessert. It can be exhausting baking. Try these amazing no-bake summer desserts to avoid us...
Lunches You Can Make In 10 Minutes (That Don't Suck)
2 years ago
Packing a bag lunch isn't as easy as your mother may have made it look. Unless you're okay with chowing down on PB&J or bologna sandwiches day after day, you probably will want to switch things up wit...
Delicious Stuffed Bread Recipes
2 years ago
I suppose, like every male, the dishes I have prepared in my kitchen workshop are more often really planned for sly attacks on the stronghold of her virtue than her digestive system. I recall last yea...
Evolution of the Donut
2 years ago
When you think of a donut, what do you think of? Glazed icing? Delicious gooeyness? If you're a huge fan of donuts, chances are that your mouth is probably watering for one right now. We've all been i...
Perfect Beer Can Chicken Recipe
2 years ago
Beer can chicken is perfect for every cookout. Thinking of cooking this chicken dish that tastes ridiculously good? If you are, then this recipe will help you achieve perfection in cooking beer can ch...
What Really Is American Cheese?
2 years ago
Of all the items in the dairy aisle, American cheese is certainly the most controversial. Ignoring the contentious debate over nutrition and taste, many would argue that both parts of its name are act...