Charlie Fox

I am a chef, I love cooking all kinds off cuisines. I do have a nerdy side as i love to read and learn new and little things (little fact), which i love to share. I am also a Dad of two amazing kids 

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Pumpkin Mumpkin
a month ago
Pepon, the Greek name for Pumpkin meaning large melon, tends to be mistaken for just a carved candle holder for Halloween. From a chef’s point of view however, it is a starter, main and a dessert frui...
9 months ago
Pizza was named as a poor man’s food, as you can probably tell by the ingredients (flour, water and yeast) being so simple and cost effective. But, let me tell you the history first. It first started ...
Around the Coffee in Five Countries
9 months ago
How do they love their coffee?
9 months ago
Coffee!!! We all love the stuff and I have loved Coffee since well I cannot remember, it has been so long, and I would like to share with you guys some methods I have learnt throughout the years. Ther...