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Best Grilling Cookbooks
2 years ago
There is something rugged and cool about grilling chunks of meat outside on a boiling summer afternoon, but so many of us are afraid to admit that we don't know what the hell we're doing out there – s...
Insane Things Elvis Presley Ate
2 years ago
Elvis Presley may have been the King, but even a king wouldn't be fit to consume these meals. Elvis, brought up on southern cooking, ate a lot of weird things. It is no doubt his unhealthy diet led to...
Delicious Meals That Can Kill You
2 years ago
For many of us, we are what we eat, but what many of us don't realize is that these delicious meals may not be exactly what they appear to be on the surface. Sure, they may make us smile and moan in p...
Inventive Ice Cream Desserts
2 years ago
Is there truly a better dessert than ice cream? Granted, there are many desserts out there. History has granted bakers a great number of opportunities to create and craft something truly marvelous. An...
Meals from Cartoons (That Are Actually Good)
2 years ago
Let's say you're watching a cartoon – either alone, with friends, or younger relatives, and you see a meal that makes your mouth water. Be it the way its animated, the ingredients piled into the meal,...
Weird Food Combinations that People Seem to Love
2 years ago
Since the beginning of our civilization, people have experimented with flavors by combining different foods together—sometimes in weird, unexpected ways—to create a dish that people would love. While ...