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Food blogger, WSET3 wine scholar, comic book geek, Japanophile, aspiring gym rat. Never met a shrimp, prawn, or mussel I didn’t like. Explore eating & drinking culture with me one course at a time at
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Mind-Blowing Things That Are Now Sold Wine-Infused
2 months ago
Modern infatuation with food culture has ushered in a new age of experimentation with flavor pairings, food infusions, and culinary chimeras of every stripe. Because people's fondness for edibles is r...
Own Your Next Tempura Restaurant Meal Like A Boss
3 months ago
Nothing conveys to your dining companions that they are in good hands with you like your knowing the ins and outs of how best to partake of a chosen cuisine. Some foods, while seeming straightforward ...
Some Things You Might Not Know About Tea
8 months ago
For ages, tea has been enjoyed in countless civilizations all over the world. We take it in many forms and styles, and our love affair with this ancient beverage is growing stronger all the time. But ...
3 Asian Food-Themed Netflix Shows Worth Sampling
9 months ago
In addition to its original televised sagas about superheroes who defend and creepy serials about haunted, stranger-than-thou children, streaming entertainment giant Netflix is serving up delicious fo...
It’s Not All About Cats at These Pet Cafés Around the World
9 months ago
The ubiquitous cat cafés popularized in Japan have changed the way people think about boutique tea and coffee establishments. There was a time, not long ago, when these animal-themed eateries, sometim...
Here Are Seven Things You Might Not Know About Coffee
9 months ago
For many of us, it's how we begin every day. There are those among us who would sooner give up a pint of blood than suffer a single day's absence of their caffeinated paramour. It has almost limitless...