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"Love On Ice"
a month ago
I’ve been listening to the Key! album 777 a lot and came up with this drink. This recipe takes a little time and patience. It's not difficult, but it is not a “quick” recipe. Don’t rush it. This makes...
Bang Energy: Thank You for Being a Friend
a month ago
There was a huge display for Bang energy drink at my local supermarket, so I grabbed a couple of them. They always looked intimidating to me because of the labels stating that people sensitive to caff...
Monster Energy Hydro Water Review
a month ago
I have a lot of questions about serving sizes. I’ve always had them, but I started thinking about them again when I bought the Monster Hydro Water Energy Drink (Blue Ice flavor). The flavor is GOOD, t...
Pussy Natural Energy Drink Review
2 months ago
Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for a bunch of genitalia-related puns please look elsewhere. This is a serious review blog where sexual desires are repressed and beverage-related thirst ...
Wave Soda
4 months ago
Wave Soda boasts few ingredients, but the ones they use pack a punch. Before I read more about the flavors and beverage, I expected this one to be more like a natural soda (similar to Hansens), but it...
Turmeric Gloe: Blood Orange Flavor
4 months ago
When I first picked out this drink, I was expecting something else. The packaging is clear: TURMERIC in bold print and blood orange underneath. I was expecting a fizzy drink with body. The carbonation...