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Crushed Up
19 days ago
One of the realest horrors of being an adult is not having caffeine at some point throughout the day and feeling like you will drop dead before the day is over. I’ve bought all types of caffeinated dr...
No Heart
23 days ago
I had a different recipe scheduled to go up today, but I woke up sweating and have been sweating every moment since then, so this one felt more appropriate. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of diffe...
Honeybush Caramel Review and Recipe
25 days ago
I’d never had honeybush before now. I wasn’t even clear on exactly what it was, I just had seen the word around a lot in the last few months. This is kinda like when I had never seen rhubarb before an...
a month ago
I love a bright drink, color and flavor-wise. During the summer, it’s punchy and just feels right, and during the winter it’s even better. Sometimes when the snow is high and the temperatures drop, my...
Angel's Pulse
a month ago
I don’t know if every drink I make is going to be somehow linked to a song or album, but for now that’s the train we’re on. I created this drink listening to Blood Orange’s newest, Angel’s Pulse. (ful...
a month ago
You will need: tea soaked mango, frozen mango iced tea (for syrup) 4 cinnamon sticks 1 1/3 cups sugar 2 cups water makes 4 servings Remember last time when I said we would save the tea-soaked mango an...