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Mountain Dew VooDew Review
an hour ago
There are two conspiracy theories I hold to be true: the first one is that Jimi Hendrix was murdered. The second is that there are few “new” Mountain Dew flavors. While I personally have no evidence o...
2 days ago
A few weeks back, I posted the recipe for the cold brew drink I make most of the time and said I’d go over how to make cold brew at home. It’s honestly very simple. I guess this post is going to be tw...
I'm Not Your Lemonade
5 days ago
Is there a homemade drink as universally beloved as lemonade? Don’t answer that. I don’t know. But I feel like lemonade and all of its variations are the most widely shared beverages on restaurant men...
Gatorade Bolt 24 Review
9 days ago
Bolt 24 is Gatorade’s newest addition to their lineup. Honest to God, every time they come out with a new anything I’m like... hmm... I wonder how much longer they’re going to keep doing this. How man...
Brain Freeze
11 days ago
OK so this is another freeze and technically not a drink!! Sue me, it’s hot!! I listened to a bunch of songs with 'freeze' and 'ice' in the name while I made this. It isn't required for the recipe, bu...
Banana Milkis Review
16 days ago
Banana is a pretty polarizing flavor. I know that. Unfortunately, I have a wide range of flavors I like, including artificial banana. I know it’s odd but I won’t stop liking it. I always loved when my...