Alix McCormick

24 year old doggy mommy to an an adorable 2 year old Shiba Inu named Lucy and wife to the most wonderful husband in the world Adam. Loves history, loves to write and relax while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 

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Buffalo Chicken Pasta
4 months ago
Hello, my little lovelies! So one of my favorite kitchen appliances is my slow cooker and my crock pot. It has been a god send when I know I don't want to cook the next day or if I want to do an easy ...
Turkey Spaghetti
5 months ago
Hello my little lovelies! So this recipe I have is a recipe that I developed back when I was in college when I started to really cook. Now a few things have changed since then since I started changing...
Lime Chicken
5 months ago
Hello my little lovelies! So for this lovely Friday posting, I’m going to give you guys my recipe for lime chicken! It’s a simple recipe that is easy to do and you can cook this in multiple ways. The ...
Creamy Tomato Pasta with Steak
5 months ago
Hello my little lovelies! So today I have a simple recipe for you that you can essentially make into anything you like. I've been using this recipe years but I've tweaked it a little bit to make it sl...
Healthy Chicken Fried Rice
5 months ago
Hello my little lovelies! So I know I've been lagging a little bit but I promise you posts are coming. As soon as I get into a routine with work and the gym I'll be much better at it, I promise. Thing...
Vegan Fettucine Alfredo
6 months ago
Hello, my lovelies! So one of my favorite foods, as friends and family know, is Fettuccine Alfredo, especially with shrimp or chicken. One of the many downsides to this dish is that it is full of dair...