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Are You Ready to Teddy?

Toronto's Teddy Bear Cafe is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Teddy Story is a unique cafe located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The quaint little cafe opened in 2016, but it wasn't until a couple weeks ago I found out it existed. With adorable teddy bears crowding the windows and a variety of yummy looking treats and drinks, I had to go and see it all for myself.

The shop is located just off Church and Adelaide and is impossible to miss. Arrays of teddy bears in cute little outfits are there to welcome you.

When you first walk into the shop, you'll first notice a wall full of little outfits and costumes hanging up and a few barrels with different style teddy bears underneath. I was completely mesmerized by the fluffy haven and couldn't help but squeal at how cute they were. If you're a lover of the classic looking teddy, this is one place you can find them. 

Teddy Story's bears are from a brand called Teddy House which happens to be located in Thailand. The bears are great quality, but of course they do not come cheap. You can expect to pay about $30-$40 for one.

The wall across from the teddy display has a full menu of the drinks you can get. From lattes to smoothies, there's plenty of variety. A little further in you'll see the dessert counter and coffee bar. My favourite part was the large friendly teddy's decorating the area. It made for a great selfie opportunity and I totally look a bunch!

As for the menu, I decided to get a classic Latte along with a Truffle Royal Mousse Cake. My boyfriend went for the Pineapple Mango smoothie and the Caramel Latte Mousse Cake. There was also a selection of yummy looking cupcakes, tarts and cake slices. 

My latte had an adorable art of a teddy. As much as I love latte art, the thought of ruining the design always makes it so hard to drink my drink. As for the taste, it was great. I don't like to complicate my drinks, so for a simple milky latte it was perfectly smooth and satisfying. 

The smoothie was also really nice. The flavours were light and very refreshing. Both my boyfriend and I enjoyed it.

Our mousse cakes were delicious. Each had three layers of cake and light layer of chocolate on top. They were super light and spongey with just the right amount of sweet. I liked that it was still decadent without the heavy feeling. On a hot day a light dessert like that is just the thing you need.

Everything was a bit pricy. We spent about $25 for the two of us and that included two desserts and two drinks. Considering this is a themed cafe and a bit of an attraction for anyone interested in visiting during their trip to Toronto, it's to be expected. 

The seating area in the back of the shop was the cutest thing ever. There were iron chairs and tables that had a bit of a parisian feel to it. Little vases with flowers were also really nice additions. 

One of the features I wasn't expecting was a projector screen that was playing old Paddington Bear movies. It's pretty much silent so you don't hear them over your own conversations, but it's always nice to catch a quick cartoon whether you're with a friend or even stopping by to have a snack alone. 

Despite the prices, I'd say Teddy Story is totally worth the visit. It's definitely an experience, and if you happen to come by on a quiet evening it's even better having the place to yourself. The shop is also kid friendly, so parents with little ones who are into fluffy bears and dress up might also really enjoy a visit here. 

After all, who could resist something so adorable!

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Are You Ready to Teddy?
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