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Amazing Restaurants in California to Keep an Eye On

These are just a couple of my personal experiences, and favorite places.

WARNING: This article includes delicious images of food. LOL!

Exploring and trying new dishes is amazing, which is exactly what I did when I moved to California. There's definitely a lot of popular restaurants but I've chosen three best places, each different from the last: one healthy life-changing, another is a traditional hot noddle restaurant and of course a taco place, duh. 

What made them special to make this list? They each hold a special moment I had with my older sister. Long story short, I was never able to have a nice family meal in public but to share it with my sister was a wish I thought would never happen. 

Sadly the three restaurants listed below aren't located everywhere but I made sure to list where you can find them. Along with knowing a little about the company and how they came to be. 

Now let's get to chomping!

Tender Greens

Via @foodwithsoy Instagram

Location/Regions: California, Massachusetts & New York.

About: Tender Greens are very proud of their dishes, thanks to their chefs who run each kitchen with higher standards and quality food. 

My Experience: Can I get an amen! I never thought anything healthy, and not so expensive, could taste so good. Now, I'm a well-fit person, I rarely eat fast food, but I do eat salad, fish, etc. I find it very hard to find a delicious meal that wasn't always so expensive until I found Tender Greens. The best part is they do deliver! You'll definitely also have to order mint lemonade. That drink changed my life, because I didn't think those two favors could mix.

Check out their website: https://www.tendergreens.com/ or follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tendergreens/?hl=en

Via Tender Greens

Kopan Ramen

Via the Kopan Ramen Instagram

Location/Regions: Only in California.

About: Kopan Ramen is a traditional Japanese hot noodle which would contain pork bone, called Tonkotsu Ramen. They provide customized style, toppings in your ramen, as well as vegetable ramen.   

My Experience: I'm not a fan of the Ramen soup, but that's not all they serve at Kopan Ramen. My sister would always be in the mood for ramen, but I gave Kopan Ramen a shot. Oh my god! I'm so glad I did, because I fell so in love with Chashu Fried Rice, which is a mini bowl, and I tried pretty much half of everything on that list. Kopan Ramen has a range of sides, mini bowls, and customize choices for your noodle dish. 

To see their menus, just go on their website and chose a location then a PDF menu will download.  

Check out their website: http://kopanramen.com/ or follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thekopanramen/

Via Kopan Ramen


Via Tacosway Instagram

Location/Regions: Only in California.

About: Gabriel Barajas (known as Mr.Tacoway & Mr. Micheway) lived in Southern California, and saw an opportunity to have his own restaurant with his own touch. 

My Experience: Just when I thought I've tasted the best taco restaurant. There are two locations in California (there are others with that name so make sure you're at the right one), one in downtown Los Angeles, and one in Sacramento. I went to the Sacramento location, not only is it bigger, but it better. The choices are hard, but my favorite unique food on the menu was a lettuce taco. I know, I know. What are you doing eating lettuce tacos? Can I just say, it was amazing? They really pack that lettuce taco with a lot of good shit. I was able to eat as much as I wanted, and be healthy too. Plus, the Sacramento location has a band or DJ playing while you eat, which makes the experience more fun.

Check out their website: https://tacosway.com/ or follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tacosway/?hl=en

Via Tacosway

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Amazing Restaurants in California to Keep an Eye On
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