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9 Healthy and Low Calorie Snacks You Can Binge On Without Gaining Weight! Hell, YES!

Keep Calm AND Munch On!

Midnight Two o’clock strikes AND your stomach is making strange noises—Yes, you’re hungry—Right? A pizza here & some sandwich there—Well, we understand you completely!

Staying fit & following a healthy lifestyle is indeed very difficult. Especially—when you’re busy in the office, while watching movie or once you’re back after an oh-so-amazing workout!

But yes, your snacks also need to be healthy & not too full of those dreaded calories—Eerrrgh!

So here we have an easy solution for YOU!

(Relax Peeps, you just don’t need to cry on looking at a plate of Brownies or Junk food!)

These salubrious snacks are easy to prepare & it’ll also help you to shed off that fat.

When hunger strikes, fuel up on these negative calorie foods!

I. Mozzarella Cheese

Don’t love cheese? As yummy as it is easy to make! Just slice up some Mozzarella cheese and one tomato. Sprinkle on some salt/pepper and pop it into your mouth. It’s guilt free & delicious.

(Tomatoes are full of antioxidants, reduce inflammation & water retention, too—Honestly, miracle workers!)

II. Sweet Potato Chips

Surprising, Right? This one is our Girl Xplorer’s personal pick. We love to munch on banana and potato chips—Right? But, they’re very unhealthy. The sweet potatoes chips can be made quickly and easily. You can also store them in the air tight container & binge on them guilt free!

III. Banana Dipped In Dark Chocolate

Add a twist to your boring banana. Simply take some dark chocolate & melt it in the microwave. Now drizzle some over your banana—Yummylicous! Well, it’s filling & healthy, too.

IV. Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are an amazing source of protein & are great to simply munch on. Roast the chickpeas with some spices & store them in the air tight container. Best part? They’re healthy and are low in calories, too!

V. Pita Wrap With Hummus AND Greens

Hummus is one of the most healthy dips to have with snacks. Plus, it’s filling! The dip is easy to make AND can be eaten with almost anything. Wheat pita bread with a filling of protein packed hummus layered with some crunchy green veggies—Trust us, it tastes delicious. Its an interesting lunch idea which gives you all the minerals & fibres.

VI. Peanut Tofu Wrap

Short on time, yet wish to have healthy? Then, this one is for you! Fill the wrap with some baked tofu tossed in olive oil/Thai peanut sauce & throw in some crunchy veggies for the taste, flavour & voila—This protein packed lunch is all you need.

VII. Popcorn

Relax, we’re not aiming at caramel, cheese, or any other flavoured popcorn. Plain popcorn puffs are simply the best. They’re actually a low calorie wholesome snack. Well, it’s an amazing alternative to other fried chips!

VIII. A Bowl of Vegetable Oats

Although high in calories—A bowl veggie oats contains roughly 50% protein. Perfect for breakfast—As oats are rich in fibre & so it improves digestion. Oats chilla, Oats Upma with a dash of some spices also makes an amazing option.

IX. Scrambled Eggs Toastie

People, midnight snacks doesn’t get easier than this. The onus is that, this snack is delicious, guilt free AND healthy. Let’s change our bit of the oh-so-familiar scrambled eggs routine. All you need is eggs, bread AND your fave veggies—Tomato, chillies, bell peppers, capsicum, etc.

So Peeps, slip into your aprons & start cooking as these dishes are equally delish to dig into!

When’re you trying them?

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9 Healthy and Low Calorie Snacks You Can Binge On Without Gaining Weight! Hell, YES!
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