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7 of the Best Types of Sushi

Sushi is everywhere, have you tried these?

Sushi is a Japanese specialty that is made with vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt combined with some vegetables, seafood, and sometimes fruit. Sushi has made its way all around the world. It can be found at buffets, sushi roundabouts, or at a Japanese restaurant.

1. California Roll

This is a very well-known roll around the United States. The sushi roll itself is generally known for having crab, cucumber, and avocado surrounded by seaweed, and wrapped in sticky rice. This can be seen as a tiresome roll, or so common that it isn’t anyone’s favorite, but everyone likes it nonetheless. That is why I profoundly recommend you pair it with spicy mayo. I have found that is not a traditional pairing, but in the United States, it is quite regular. For someone who is not a fan of spice, the taste and the right amount of heat is a perfect pairing for your sushi meal.

2. Inari

Inari is an unusual, delicious tofu-based sushi. It is made with deep fried tofu pockets that are usually stuffed with rice, and then sometimes other vegetables such as seaweed, carrots, and others. This is normally known as having a sweet taste. Definitely, advise if you haven't had it before to try it.

3. Oshinko

Oshinko is an impressive creation that I recently found. It is absolutely delightful. It is sweet and has a crunch. Is actually made with pickled radish. I never would have thought that I would like this roll based on the ingredients. The roll is then surrounded by sticky rice and then a layer of seaweed. I know it sounds weird, especially coming from someone who doesn't like radish, but it truly is good, and no, it does not taste like a pickle.

4. Deep Fried

Yes, this is a very American thing of me to say but those rolls that are battered and deep fried are absolutely marvelous. Not all of them, it does also matter what's inside. I think the California based rolls with additions such as cream cheese really add a good touch. 

5. Spring Rolls

Yes I know these are not sushi but they are always found where sushi is, so I thought I'd include it. These incredible creations are filled with things like carrots, bean sprouts, and cabbage, just to name a few. And rolled in a spring roll wrapping paper. Than either baked or fried. They are served warm and can be dipped in some sauce. 

6. Potstickers

Again, not sushi, I promise this is the last one. Potstickers are warm pockets of goodness. They are wonton wrappers filled with things like pork, cabbage, and onions. Then fried in oil in a skillet. They are served warm and dipped in something like soy sauce. I think the warmth is a good in between those magnificent sushi rolls.

7. Mango Roll

This is kind of vague but a roll with mango in it has its own individual taste. There are ones that are just fruits, but personally, the rolls that are similar a to California roll with mango and what I assume to be a sweet and sour sauce. It is sweet and savory with the help of the crab. Definitely recommend, a lot of places have it.

Honestly, all types of sushi have a place in everyone's heart. If the sushi you like is not on here, don't worry it's probably excellent. There is not a huge variety here, these are just ones that I get nearly every single time I go and get sushi. I hope this list gave you some encouragement to try new sushi or gave you some ideas of ones that are worth trying. 

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7 of the Best Types of Sushi
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