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4 Epic Places to Enjoy Vegan Pizza in the UK

Because Vegans like Junk Food Just as Much, if Not More! (It's healthy still, right?!)

The Hazelnutter Pizza from The Stable

Like most people, I am a big fan of pizza! It was one of the first things I was able to eat out that was Becki Friendly and it has always been something I enjoy to make at home.

So I thought I should share the love of my favourite places to eat the good stuff, in the hope you’ll recommend some more places for me to try! So here are my top 4, because top 3 is too small and top 5 is overrated...

1. Purezza (Brighton and London)

This will be no surprise to those of you who have seen their big news! They have been awarded the “Best Pizza” in the National Pizza Awards. Not only would this be a great achievement if this was just a Vegan award show, but this includes “normal” pizza as well so this is "unicorns are real" level of awesome! (Might sounds a bit extreme but it’s a huge achievement for us Vegans and we are going to shout about it from every rooftop to get our message out there—vegan food is insanely delicious.)

Anyway, back to to the pizza itself and why they’ve earned top spot on my humble blog.

The Menu: To give someone with my “limitations” the level of choice that Purezza do is borderline saint like! Almost all food on the menu is safe for me to eat, the options are all drool worthy, and really the few things that aren’t Gluten Free are for very good reason; i.e Seitan which is literally Wheat.

The Taste: I went for the Fumosa Pizza and oh my, it was the bees knees. Hands down the best Pizza I have ever had. Not only is the Gluten Free Vegan base doughy, delicious and I expect just as good as the real thing, but the toppings are also stars, out of the box, wonderfully grouped together, and reinventing a take on some of the classics.

Fumosa Pizza from Purezza

​​2: The Stable (Southampton, Winchester and Many More)

This is one of my most recent discoveries, even though a reader recommended it to me almost a year ago... doh! I went there just last month with a friend and it was some of the most unique pizza I've had so it steals the second spot from one of my older discoveries!

Unique: If you've seen a pizza with chopped hazelnuts on before then perhaps it isn't all that unique. I, however, have not, though I am very glad I've now found it, because it was strangely sweet as well as savoury which made it out of this world tasty! They also put green beans on a pizza and for the dips they offer hummus. A vegan's dream!

The Dough: Like Purezza, they do a sourdough style gluten-free base which is absolutely delicious. Not only do they do this for all their pizzas, but I got a garlic bread "Pizza" to share with my friend and that comes on an actual Pizza base! Extra pizza style food, extra points!

Hazelnutter Pizza from The Stable

​​3: Zizzi (Nationwide)

One of the high street chain restaurants that is top in general for catering for allergens. They do super sized, flavoursome pizza that is a perfect find on trips around the country. Not only that, but they are brilliant for delivery and takeaway, which is lovely for a treat. Every now and then, of course, I'm no longer in a Deliveroo area. So sad.

Season Favourites: During the different seasons on the year, they not only spice up their "normal" menu, they spice up the vegan menu, too. Their festive pizza last year was insanely delicious. I went back several times for it and I'm pretty sure I ordered it before they had even properly switched to the festive menu. Ideal for Christmas catch ups and group Christmas meals!

The Size: The pizza is absolutely massive. You could eat half of it and be content, taking away the rest for breakfast tomorrow. Or, if you're me and you like creating food babies, then go to town! I usually manage all of it, though they do amazing desserts too so I try my best to resist and save myself.

Vegan Festive Zucca Pizza from Zizzi

4: Pizza Express (Nationwide)

My first Becki Friendly Pizza love. The lovely people at Pizza Express even sent me the ingredients of their gluten free base so I could be sure it was something I could eat. There was only one option, without cheese back in the day but they are introducing more and more recently, with the addition of some very gooey vegan cheese!

Staple Vegan Pizzas in the Menu: There are always some amazing vegan pizzas in the menu. Plus the beauty of Pizza Express is that as long as they have the ingredients they will make you anything from previous menus. The new addition is the Puttanesca, which has jackfruit on it. *Cue cheering* It is about time jackfruit went a bit more mainstream and trust me, it's tasty enough to remain on the menu for a long time!

The Ease: Pizza Express is absolutely everywhere. They have many offers available and I know exactly what I can have on the menu. It is a safe bet when away from my local vegan haunts. Many a time I have found myself in their welcoming doors. Plus there are more Click & Collect perks!

Vegan Puttanesca Pizza from Pizza Express

​​So these are my favourite places to eat pizza. Do you agree with me or are there any other places you'd recommend for a tasty Gluten Free Vegan Pizza? I'm always up for more options and new ways to experience this food staple!

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Becki Friendly Food
Becki Friendly Food

Having Crohn's disease, means I have a complicated relationship with food which started in my teens. At this time, I am Vegan and Gluten Intolerant which can make my eating lifestyle quite an adventure. Join me on my food adventures!

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4 Epic Places to Enjoy Vegan Pizza in the UK
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